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Still no luck with the gameboy yet. I’m super tired but I’m coming back home tomorow so that should ease things up a bit.

Even though I have a more important project on the run, I’ll probably continue to fiddle with it, I’m really not used to low-level programming and want to learn more about it.

Still very tired so not much done today…

I tried to display something on the screen but failed. :|

I need to read the docs a bit more thoroughly.

Super tired today, I only started a tiny program for gameboy that doesn’t do anything yet.

I managed to spend some time (about 1h) to continue documenting myself on the gameboy internals. The hardware and assembly language seem quite simple at first glance.

I’ve also taken a quick look at the disassembled and commented source of pokémon red, which is available on github. It’s quite amazing what they did there… Pokémon crystal’s source is also available and is even more incredible. There is some kind of high level scripting language, embedded in the assembly code, whow!

I had some time to do a few things in the car after all. I started to learn something I always wanted to: low level programming, and more precisely, gameboy programming.

I started looking at some documentation about the gameboy, and tried an assembler a friend of mine told me about: wla-dx.