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I had a couple of gross bugs to fix in the tilemapper, so I took care of them. I also added the ability to remove placed tiles, so clearly it's ready to ship.

I had been having a weird one-way-platform bug with my player controller. Sometimes the bottom of the player would be below the top of the platform, but the physics would either move the player on top of that platform or to the top of the previously-occupied platform. I was ready to rewrite the CharacterController2D that prime31 wrote because I was so confused, but it turns out that if I had read the documentation, I'd have noticed that one-way plaftorms require an EdgeCollider2D to work, not a BoxCollider2D like I was using.

So yeah, that was today's major breakthrough.

The second breakthrough is that I figured out why my textures were acting so weird: their size weren't set to a power of 2, and thus Unity couldn't render them pixel-perfect.

Today was frustrating, but I fixed two huge issues, so it feels good :)


A submission for Make games. 95

Added coins spawning today.

I started working on a laser-beam trap today. I also did a lot of refactoring to the trap and platform spawning systems, so that they are distance-based, and not time-based. This way I can mess with the game speed at will.

I also updated the art for the collectible coins, but I think I need to switch those out for something more interesting. What do alien frogs want to collect?


A submission for Make games. 86

I improved the physics for my CharacterController. I realized that I was multiplying things by Time.deltaTime squared, which led to some weird things.

The game feels very good now, and I'm hyped to be working on this. Sorry about the hush-hush.

I ate six donuts today.

On another note, I added a few things to my new game: player death, collectibles (took me hours to figure out why things weren't colliding - turns out those things weren't on the same layer HA), and scoring. I also got it to run on desktop and Android!

Happy weekend!

I've made a ton of behind-the-scenes changes that I should really have written down. They include knocking guards and farmers in the air when getting hit, gibs that spew out of dead enemies, and showing item prices in the Build menu. Add a few dozen small improvements to how things work and there you have it.

On another note, I've had the concept below in my head since the jam period ended, so I might give them a shot in the future.

Adding debug info to things - especially AI - is a must. So i did just that using the tiniest font i could find.

Still working on enemy/peon AI. Having to has a good influence on me.

I'm stuck in this refactoring process, and I haven't had much time to work on things today. The peons are getting there: they now wander around, pick up tools, and farm if they can. I still need to rewrite the peon-enemy interactions.

I'll post some more exciting stuff in the future :)

Hey streakers, I'm halfway through refactoring peons using the new state machine, so today is a boring update. Even this dude fell asleep as I wrote it.

Lots of behind-the-scenes work was accomplished today. I wrote an actual state machine that's easy to attach to any entity, and now it's just of matter of implementing it on the enemies and peons. It's implemented on the player and deleting a ton of 'if' statements and booleans was very satisfying. Nothing to show, though, since the player acts the same :P

On the art side, I added a couple of frames to the player sprite, so that they're holding a tablet device when deciding what to build. I also pixeled some walls, as you can see below.