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I’m just an otter trying to make stuff because I like it!

You can check my website here, I also have a Github account where I host most of my code and a Mastodon account if you want to talk.

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A submission for Daily Gamedev

I have to get back to speed… so I figured I should do anything to get me started.

I chose to do the most fun stuff, so I started playing with sound. This will be useful for any of my projects, since a game without any sound is always a bit sad.

I could only play very late today so I only practiced for 30 minutes. Various exercises and pieces.

(oops, forgot to post!)

  • 1h45 of work with my harpist friend
  • 30 minutes of exercises
  • 20 minutes of Gavotte by Couperin
  • 40 minutes of various old pieces and traditional pieces I play with my friend.
  • 30 minutes of technical exercises
  • 30 minutes of Gavotte by Couperin
  • 30 minutes of several traditional pieces I play with a friend

Got my cello back today! Woohoo!

It sounds awesome now! ♥

  • 20 minutes of fun play when I got it back
  • 1h of lesson

A submission for Daily Gamedev

I’m feeling quite down these last few days. I didn’t really make progress on the prototype, but I played around with my shader sandbox.

Had a party with friends yesterday (that’s why I broke the streak), and I was tired and quite depressed today… so I only worked a little bit on the prototype.

A submission for Daily Art Club

Just 10 minutes of ghosting planes exercise from the Draw a Box website…

A submission for Daily Gamedev

Continued working on the prototype for about an hour today.

Had some trouble finding the right way to use the physics library, and I’m not even sure it will work out correctly in the end… but that’s what a prototype is all about right? :D

I managed my time pretty poorly today, mostly because an update bricked my computer and it took me about an hour to solve the problem, so I only did very little code. But at least that’s something!

Also, I wanted to stream but didn’t…

A submission for Daily Art Club

35 minutes of ghosting planes exercises. I’m not happy with the results so I’m not posting a photo. :Þ

Since I gave my cello to the luthier yesterday for a revision, I couldn’t play today.

But I did work about 30 minutes on Gavotte by Couperin by training my sight-reading on the parts I haven’t played yet.

A submission for Daily Art Club

I was super tired today and didn’t feel like doing exercises. So instead I drew some crap on a big piece of paper (A3) with an ink brush (a few of them where not drawn today but most of them were).

I did a little bit of code today, that ended up not being super useful, but at least it lead me to new ideas about how to approach the problem.

My current view for the prototype is this:

  • 2D map, where the color indicates the altitude
  • A “brush” similar to what is found in art software to paint altitude changes… exactly like a paint program in fact. x)

Maybe at a later point I will add particle-like (circles) collisions and gravity-like behavior to simulate how the water would flow.

I could also make a 3D visualization of the thing, that would use the exact same internal representation of the 2D version.

1h10 of work

  • 30 minutes of warm up and scales
  • 40 minutes mostly of Gavotte by Coubertin, a little bit of Andantino by Mozart and Andantino by Haydn (an old piece I like and don’t want to forget how to play)

Today I dusted off my setup for streaming, and we did more brainstorming around the project!

We tried to extract the very core ideas of the project to start working on a prototype.

The first prototype will probably only be about terrain manipulation. A bit like what you can find in map editors. That will be the core mechanic of the game, which will allow the players to move different resources around in order to create life-friendly conditions.

The players’ power to manipulate the terrain will be linked to the general state of the life on the planet. From temporary and very tiny modifications when alone and almost no life on the planet, to large scale permanent modifications when all the players cooperate and life flourishes.

A submission for Daily Art Club

Draw a Box, lesson 1, part 1, exercise 3: ghosting planes.

1 hour or training.

Whow! 1h30 of work today! \o/

  • 30 minutes of warm up and scales
  • 10 minutes of Andantino by Mozart
  • 50 minutes of Gavotte by Couperin

A submission for Daily Art Club

Had a pretty busy day today, I only took 20 minutes before bed to train my drawing skills.

Again, Draw a Box exercise: ghosting lines.

A submission for Daily Gamedev

Getting back to gamedev.

Today I did a big brainstorming session with a friend.

We want to make a chill/zen co-op multiplayer game where the players build a self-sufficient ecosystem by helping each other.

Attached: mindmap of the brainstorm (in french sorry)

1h of work!

  • Warm ups and scales ~15 min
  • Andantino by Mozart ~15 min
  • Gavotte by Couperin 30 min

A submission for Daily Art Club

Still exercising with Draw a Box.

Finished exercise 1 and started exercise 2.

A submission for Weekly Blog

Translation of an old post of mine I was procrastinating. It’s not much, but it’s a start!


50 minutes of cello.

  • Warm ups
  • Scales
  • Andantino by Mozart
  • Sight-read Gavotte by Couperin and training of the first part.

I was a bit angry when I started because I really felt I made backward progress because of my big break (1 month) but I eventually managed to calm down, so it was great!

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