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A submission for Make games. 173

Worked on the save system, now that I'm able to add multiple enemies. The loading system will be more work though.

Finally figured out what I wasn't doing right. Feels good! It also helps that I came home before midnight!

A submission for Make games. 170

I haven't fixed the crap from saturday, but I'm able to have multiple paths and only show the selected one.

A submission for Make games. 168

I broke all the things! I tried to implement multiple paths at the same time, and everything is now broke. Success!

I'm finally able to add and move ship around in my editor.

A submission for Make games. 166

Saving levels KINDA works now. I haven't figured out how to serialize structs yet, but that should be difficult.

A submission for Make games. 165

More editor flow!

A submission for Make games. 164

Tiny bit more UI done, as well as a lot of prep for hooking up the wave editor to the levels editor. It'll make sense once it's complete, I promise.

Edit: this gif is oddly satisfying.

A submission for Make games. 163

First day at the new job, and I'm exhausted. I implemented more stuff for the level menu, so that I can now add/store multiple waves with that.

Death in the family today :( so i didn't get much done.

Mostly planned out some stuff for the level editor flow.

Did about 4h of work on the editor today. I eventually hit a point where i'm not sure i'm doing things the right way.

I originally thought of having an in-game level editor, but I'd have to handle user i/o and I don't really want the players to create levels. It's more of a tool for me to develop content, so I'm going to need to redesign some of my save/load system.

Another potential issue is that I eventually want to save/load into the Resources folder of Unity, but that folder is read-only at runtime. I can still save stuff to it, but it won't show up until i rebuild the scene. I may get around that with good resource management, but it's still counter-intuitive.

The wave serialization is functional. I'm now able to save wave data, with ships and their path. It's not very fun to work on, but it's a required step before I create content.

Did a bunch more work on the editor. Fixed a couple bugs, implemented the "speed" and "wait" actions on each node, and started working on a serialization system.

Worked on the shmup level editor some more. Decided to ditch iTweenPath for a while, so i can get a very basic thing going, and then i'll add bezier curves back. Pics soon.


A submission for Make games. 148

I'm checking out iTween for the enemy movements. It's pretty easy to use, but i might need to modify it quite a bit. I want movement to be speed-based, not time-based (and since iTween is an animation system, it is time-based).

I've been thinking about how to design a very simple wave editor for the shmup, and I want something very visual. Right now, my wave system is setup through the Inspector window, by adding specific amounts of specific ships and waiting a specific amount of time after that.

I want an editor where I can draw paths, have the ships wait, shoot, or wait and shoot at the same time. I want to be able to create basic pacing, and test it out on the go.

Got some new tiles from Thomas, and added them to the editor. The fact that the tiles are ordered differently forced me to update the way I handle tilesets, and now the editor is more robust.

(I hope this huge gif comes out okay)

Got some new tiles for the editor and started implementing a smarter brush. I want it to paint from a pool of similar tiles (dirt, grass, sand, etc.) And randomly paint a tile from that pool.

It means there will be a bit more of a setup phase when adding tiles, but it'll make prototyping reaaaally fast.

A submission for Make games. 120

I don't have much motivation at all today. I'll be moving to a pretty sweet loft at the end of the week, so it's boxes boxes boxes.

I did an asset swap so as to not be stealing someone else's work (I paid for Kenney's assets).

I finally managed to get my texturing system to work from a top-left coordinate system, which is trickier than it should be. I'm now able to load map files from my Resources folder! Just gotta be able to save, now.

Short post because i'm sick, tired, and working two jobs.

I'm still doing backend stuff. I'm refactoring things so that I don't instantiate one object per tile, but instead draw to a single mesh. I reaaaally wish Unity's new Tilemap system was available already, but I'm still making progress.

Happy Friday ya'll!

File i/o

A submission for Make games. 117

I don't have any cool gifs to show today, since i'm working on importing/exporting XML files. It's going pretty great, Unity is so fun to work with.

I implemented zooming and a rough version of panning (minor bug in that, as you can see below).

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