*14 hours until submission is due*


*scrap up some stereotypical 8-bit-esque thing which I've never tried*

*subtract a bit just to be safe*

Mostly programmed in Logic Pro X + Massive + Plogue Chipsounds. Fender Jazz Bass recorded direct with added effects in Logic.

Searching - 3 verses 1 chorus only

I have been LONG procrastinating on picking my guitar back up and writing some new music! When I stumbled on Streak Club, it gave me some inspiration to get my music going again. I will submit at least one new song per week, no matter what, even if I think its bad. I won't judge my self so harshly as to stand in my own way of progressing.

So in that spirit, just now, I just plugged into reaper and sang what came to the top of my head. I like the idea that came forward here though, and think I will develop it more this week.

tricked my room mate into singing on one of my songs. I don't even know what the lyrics are, she came up with them.

Simple LMMS revival.

weekly beats is turning into 1hr midi comp

Clip from a breakcore(?) song I'm working on, that's about 2/3 finished (not counting mixing/mastering)

sample from "Phase 'East and West'" by Karunesh

Made just with Etheralwinds Harp and Synth1 VSTs.

Inspired by UT99.

Result of a mini-challenge to use only one synth/soundfont/etc. Here I limited myself to this soundfont called planetphatt. I don remember where and how I got it.

A submission for Weekly Music 2016 8

was crunched for time on this one so very few lyrics. Really need to give up writings music and focus on lyrics first


My hands are numb
I've held on for to long

While trying to fix this laptop (user had upgraded into windows 10 and it is not working at all anymore), I made this song.

A submission for Weekly Music 2016 1

I don't know what the hell I'm doing send help

Tried to use my voice for a song again. Just bunch of weird noises and then something else and whaaat?!

Actually I'm just too lazy to submit on time..

A submission for Weekly Music 2016 12

some midi junk, gdc finally over though, maybe I'll have more time to write

A submission for Weekly Music 2016 14

not back to singing yet,

but here's an fm synth track https://soundcloud.com/leafo/fmslav

A submission for Weekly Music 2016 10

I've just used Soundfonts recently and I've neglected my VSTs. I decided to play around with Miroslav Philharmonik and I made a short loop.

Here's something a bit different than before I guess, I don't know is it really different :D.

A submission for Weekly Music 2016 7

Randomly wanted to make music and this just kinda happened. It's not quite done yet, but eh.

Uh oh!

A very short song I tried to get in on time, then realized you're in the future, soo.. It's a very early submission for next week! :)

Game music loop made at Berlin Mini Jam.

I just watched two FL tutorials (one by rm2kdev and one by Schematist) so it's probably inspired by them.