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this thing is incredible completely blows everything else i''ve used for guitar effex out of the water

A submission for Weekly Music 2020 4

didn't feel it while working on this one, mostly sounds like some random things stitched together

guitar playing is wearing me down. My finger tips still hurt when playing, I strained my arm last week...

My fingers are still tender from not playing guitar forever. Ran out of time and couldn't finish, some pretty lack luster parts but w/e.

A submission for Weekly Music 2020 1

Cross posting all my weekly beats here. Good luck this year everyone.

I haven't played guitar in some 1 year (since last weekly beats), so my fingers were in much pain so I kinda rushed through recording things.

I still need to decide what style of music I will focus on this year. This is me continuing where I left off in 2018.

I got a new audio interface, and I only used 1 dsp on the guitar line in. sounds fine w/e

Eddie Van Halen came to my studio to help me record this one

Handed Gramps My Ibanez And Turned On My IPhone.. LoL

A submission for Weekly Music 2016 45

weekly beats deadline is 1 hour sooner now thanks to DST :(

I've been making music, just haven't been submitting it to streak club!

samples from this:

A submission for Weekly Music 2016 20

Okay no time this week, wrote this in like 30 minutes. One day I'll go back and clean these up into real songs.

Some sort of boss music or something. Experimented with key change in middle

A submission for Weekly Music 2016 18

Played all the parts to this on my big keyboard. Another quick one

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