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Weekly Music for the 2016 starts on the 4th of January (Monday)

This was fun last year so let's get this started as soon as possible!

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I got a new audio interface, and I only used 1 dsp on the guitar line in. sounds fine w/e

I bought rocksmith 2014, spent like 2 hours trying to get it working, then desperately used their jam mode to create the weekly beat. one take, full of mistakes. enjoy me not being able to play the pentatonic scale

Eddie Van Halen came to my studio to help me record this one

Handed Gramps My Ibanez And Turned On My IPhone.. LoL

A submission for Weekly Music 2016 45

weekly beats deadline is 1 hour sooner now thanks to DST :(

I've been making music, just haven't been submitting it to streak club!

samples from this:

A submission for Weekly Music 2016 24

I can't make anything at all and it's driving me crazy.

Jason and the Argonauts' traveled to find it. Feedback always welcome. :)

A submission for Weekly Music 2016 22

I couldn't finish it, but this is some derping around with the GENNY VST.

something something done done

I keep trying to fine tune this short segment with mixing and mastering rather than develop it into a longer more complete song haha.... Still working on trying to keep my interest in a song idea long enough to develop it past a minute.

Ok, something!

A submission for Weekly Music 2016 20

Okay no time this week, wrote this in like 30 minutes. One day I'll go back and clean these up into real songs.

A submission for Weekly Music 2016 20

I tried to make a pre-final boss theme. It's terrible.

not sure what genre this is but i've been working on it a lot cause i have a DJ set coming up later this month. it still needs mixing but this is what i have so far. cheers

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