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Game music loop made at Berlin Mini Jam.

I just watched two FL tutorials (one by rm2kdev and one by Schematist) so it's probably inspired by them.

Some LMMS instruments and my sampled voice.

Sampled my own voice with factor 1.3 speedup in Audacity, added into LMMS and had fun inspired by Temmie Village Undertale Track made in Mixcraft.

Preview made with sox/gnuplot.


I wanted to make a music loop by mixing multiple instruments I recorded and do I have a bad sense of tact! I learned that to compensate, I must use short clips for looping, as longer ones have too high variation in BPM to be acceptable hearing material.

Recorded with Zoom H2n, Mixed in Audacity. Preview made with sox/gnuplot.

I will probably use this in my next one-game-a-week.


Sometimes I try to make melodies with the uke to be used in games. This time I made a really short and simple loop. Sounds like waiting.

Simple Uke Melody Loop.ogg199kb