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*14 hours until submission is due*


*scrap up some stereotypical 8-bit-esque thing which I've never tried*

*subtract a bit just to be safe*

I had the idea for this comp like a year ago, but it wasn't until after multiple attempts at scoring this sucker that I'm actually getting somewhere. I suppose the fourth time's a charm.

Though it's just a little over a minute, I'm totally looking forward to expanding this with multiple sections and variations and whatnot.

I'll be honest: I've had a really crummy week. And because I barely had time to compose anything and scrapped this up in like three hours, here's a crummy composition to match.


I started getting into Deus Ex: Human Revolution recently and immediately realized, "Gee, I haven't done anything ambient." Most things I do tend to go all out.

So here's something that I tried to keep subtle. And then failed not even a minute in.

Is it technically cheating if I'm taking old sucky comps from years back and completely reworking them to not suck? Meh, I suppose it's fine.

Anyway, I don't normally condone breaking and entering, but if you need to infiltrate some super secret base somewhere to retrieve the shiny thing from the bad people, you'll probably be like 7% more badass with this track running in the background.

Not something I'd normally write, more just messing with some of the new synths in Komplete 10. Heavy use of Rounds, which is unexpectedly cool, and Polyplex, which is nice once you look past the fact that it will randomly revert back to a default kit when opening the project. Bleh.

Anyway, here it is, my first submission. Hopefully this keeps up for a while. :P