While trying to fix this laptop (user had upgraded into windows 10 and it is not working at all anymore), I made this song.

More submissions by Sambi for Weekly Music 2016

something something done done

Ok, something!

and lost it because I'm busy!

Some lazy guitars and blah blah

Made with Yamaha QY70

Made with Yamaha QY70

Don't take your friends, family and everyone/anyone close to you for granted. They are worth your time and they need to know that you appreciate them.

Acoustic guitar song

Here we are again!

Here we are again...

Here's something a bit different than before I guess, I don't know is it really different :D.

Uh oh!

Ok. Good.

We got our 6 songs (http://salaisuus.org/) done and I'm feeling quite a bit more free to make more music now.

Next up: More songs...

Palmer Pocket Distortion + My rusty... i mean trusty "Custom Build Telecaster"

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A submission by Sambi for Weekly Music 2016 6

Yamaha QY-70 + some dull drums

Ok. What ever.

Tried to use my voice for a song again. Just bunch of weird noises and then something else and whaaat?!

Actually I'm just too lazy to submit on time..

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