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this thing is incredible completely blows everything else i''ve used for guitar effex out of the water

A submission for Weekly Music 2020 4

didn't feel it while working on this one, mostly sounds like some random things stitched together

guitar playing is wearing me down. My finger tips still hurt when playing, I strained my arm last week...

My fingers are still tender from not playing guitar forever. Ran out of time and couldn't finish, some pretty lack luster parts but w/e.

I got a new audio interface, and I only used 1 dsp on the guitar line in. sounds fine w/e

Eddie Van Halen came to my studio to help me record this one

Handed Gramps My Ibanez And Turned On My IPhone.. LoL

tricked my room mate into singing on one of my songs. I don't even know what the lyrics are, she came up with them.

Phew, finishing this song was a nightmare. This is the most lyrics I've written for a song but they don't make any sense! I switched to using a condenser mic and it's so much better. My vocals still suck but I feel like I'm making some progress.


in my sight
now we don't know what we're doing
light of the night
my knees are broken

boarded up windows
can't find an exit
a mistake, we shouldn't be
digging through this place

I didn't make this deal
I want to go back
my conscious lost
I want to go back

I didn't have time to sing :(

Uh, still need to work on my singing.


The death of our conversation, ends with me
Our chatter, with decay, like birds, flying away

Flys away

Oops my vocals got worse from last week. I hope they keep getting worse every week for the rest of the year.


Running this course, I'm out of time
Nothing is fine, I'm out of time

written in renoise, guitar, bass, hydrogen, and xsynth

I couldn't come up with any lyrics so I went "uh" a bunch


Waiting for something to do, but I don't want to, don't want to, don't want to
uhh uhh uhh uhh