Need to catch up on the newer books in Saga...

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I've shaken things up a bit!
(which will no doubt continue to change)

You will all beg for mercy. In vain. The debris of your planet will litter the solar system.

Soo.... like I'm following Inktober prompts... but its isometric pixel art?...
Don't judge me.

Tomorrow's October which means this project is now officially a year old!

Finally colored it - did what I could with some of the effects, overall happy with it

It's late and I still feel like crap, so here's some Snapchat art of me trying to draw Vegeta from memory

Couldn't do much else today so I watched the most recent season of The Mandalorian. This is the way.

I attempted to illustrate a little bowl of soup with a spoon and some crackers, but couldn't quite make it to the finish line.. So enjoy this really bad bowl.

It’s that Tomino-esque thing; saying it’s Gundam, but, basically, it’s giant robot anime, right?

The disguise of Harry the Hypnotist, who vowed revenge against Mr. Barnstorm

Some more pixel pushing tonight - spent way too long trying to make the Earth look like the real deal before giving up. Also tried a pixel gear but decided I'll leave those to Chriggu...

Saw the original file from back in January and decided to add a few more circles!

It's perspective is more accurate on the inside.

Totally didn't remember the little versions were called "Nerdlucks"

You know how many of these things I had in Fallout? A lot.

Always enjoy a badass anime fight, and I loved the way the main character looked in a recent scene. Not sure how I'll render color yet...

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