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Been sick and tired. Quite a metaphor for 2017 as a whole. I still drew today, though. Onward...

I did a lot of things today, including finally nailing down a preliminary sketch for my 9 major OCs! Onward!

I streamed myself working to keep myself from getting distracted while working on stuff for my bomberman clone game. Gonna try to get some artwork out of this before the night ends if I can.


Beyond my hand and foot studies, I worked on some pixel art I need to get done.

Today is my birthday. I spent it running errands and attending a friend's small birthday party. As usual, most of my work was done in my sketchbook - 100 hands and feet.

Spent most of today making up hand, feet and figure drills that I didn't manage to finish in the past week and making placeholder assets for the little bomberman clone I'm doing for gamedev class.

I did a few of these drawings for a style matching prompt on twitter!

Decided to multistream with someone new today to see how that would go. Got my hand and foot studies done early today live, got the figures done in the evening.

Streamed more live drawing on paper. I usually don't bother photographing the work I do on paper because it's a pain to get my webcam set up for it, but since I was already streaming my paper work I had everything set.

Awaiting word from Microsoft support concerning my once again broken Surface Pro 3. Luckily I am still able to use the device for working while attached to this Cintiq. Fun fact- my cintiq is the first thing I purchased when I started working -- it took me a very long time to save up for it, and it has been a valuable tool in my arsenal since!

Still awaiting funds to purchase my document camera, but until then, my background work and tree studies continue in my sketchbooks.

It's been a long day today but I managed to get all my drawing drills done once again. Most in my sketchbook, at least one croquis session on my cintiq.

My house has been under construction for as long as I've been living here. They started adding sheetrock to the previously exposed studs and I'm not used to this change...

Broke my Surface again, but not so much that I can't use my cintiq to draw. It's been a rough week. Waiting for the replacement so doing most work in the sketchbook still. Looking forward to my document camera.

I ended up forgetting my sketchbook at home and having to do today's tree studies on the computer. I try to avoid doing them on the computer to force myself to think about my process more, but it couldn't be avoided today.

Had a rather late start today. Uploading completed croquis after class, as well as new pixels soon.

Been working on some assets for a game I'm working on for class. Will upload those when I get a decent walk cycle going.

Repeatedly formatting my machine when it gets annoying has been an excellent way to practice backing up tools and settings for the large number of apps I use daily. I still wish a lot of these art apps were Windows Store apps -- having them associated with my account and taken care of by the store would make it so much faster and easier to install and configure all my favorite apps. The format has my machine performing better than ever, to the point where I've had to adjust to the faster capture of my drawings in Illustrator!

Too tired for croquis tonight, too tired for croquis this morning.