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I kept the figures at 20 so I could do 100 of everything else today. An extended blackout prevented me from doing 100 of everything up front. Onward...

I watched the DBS Broly movie with that special someone today! I like Broly-Is-The-Hulk Broly quite a bit, and I like how Cheelai and by extension the gaze of the movie treats Broly as a sex object as much as it does Cheelai. It's a nice breath of fresh air! Onward...

Came up short of my goal of Quad 100s but that is an absurd thing to aim for in the first place. Onward!

I managed to finally do 100 faces along with the 100 hands, 100 feet, 100 figures routine. Let's see if I can keep it up! Onward!

I spent today working on 100 hands, 100 feet and 100 figures live. I wanted to do more faces, but it's getting late and I should go home and go to bed. Onward!

I just got through streaming for about 8 hours and strangely the wrist/forearm of my non-dominant hand is strained and a bit painful. That's my signal to call it a night. Onward!