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I did a lot of things today, including finally nailing down a preliminary sketch for my 9 major OCs! Onward!

I passed my Adobe ACE exam for Photoshop today. Hooray. Onward!

I can't show most of the stuff I drew today, but here's some figure drawings! Onward!

Watched Marvel movies with Penbee today while working! I have an interview for a job tomorrow. I hope I do well!

I'm on my way to my grandmother's birthday party in new York, drawing figures on the way! Even with Dramamine I'm super nauseous.

I recently reopened my old Oekaki board from ancient times! You guys should join it and draw with me and Penbee! I used to run an oekaki years ago, and I'd like to see if that's a thing anyone would be interested in using ever again! Otherwise, I worked on some pixel commissions very early in the morning today and ended up unable to stay awake in the middle of the day. I'll do better tomorrow!