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I ended up starting a little later than usual, so if I don't manage to get my 100 hands and 100 feet done, that's why. For now, I'm finishing off my 100 figures at the Lansdowne art space, using a live model. A big issue with my observation skills is that I end up focusing on figures in sections, thus distorting the entire view as I go, especially if I'm looking at someone who is standing upright or is taller than me. It's the effect of a bad panoramic shot, and the distortion is terrible. I need to work on my position and placement skills, hard.

Came up short of my goal of Quad 100s but that is an absurd thing to aim for in the first place. Onward!

I managed to finally do 100 faces along with the 100 hands, 100 feet, 100 figures routine. Let's see if I can keep it up! Onward!

I spent today working on 100 hands, 100 feet and 100 figures live. I wanted to do more faces, but it's getting late and I should go home and go to bed. Onward!

I just got through streaming for about 8 hours and strangely the wrist/forearm of my non-dominant hand is strained and a bit painful. That's my signal to call it a night. Onward!

I've burnt myself out again working too hard. Got them figures done though.

I've got a lot more work to do tonight, but I did my 100 figures so I'mma upload them first. Onward!

I finally found out what they use to paint animation cels today. I picked up two bottles of Flashe, one white and one Prussian Blue (They didn't have any black Flashe...) - I'm going to see how it looks painted on my Dura-lar sheets. If I can get that animation cel look, I'll be pleased as punch.
Today was another Figure Drawing day at the Lansdowne Art space, so the last 20 figures of my set were done from life rather than from video. Onward!

Today I worked on getting some spot blacks on yesterday's illustration. The polyester film I inked this on doesn't agree with my Copic markers, so I'll be doing this inking again on a different medium. I also managed to get my face cam working for working both digitally and traditionally. Onward!

Today I finally got to attend a figure drawing session at the Lansdowne Art Space. I intend to go every week, Mondays from 7 - 10 PM EST. If the pattern continues like today, we do 20 poses, so that leaves me to get 80 done before I attend.

I also streamed myself working on one of those Monster designs from my old failed project. I made the mistake of inking on Dura-Lar, which is great for ink but does not seem to work with copic markers... Ah well! I'll just do another pass of it on something more accepting of my tools. Onward!

I've been trying to figure out how to do decent assets for top down views for... quite a long time. I just learned that the specific view I'm looking for is achieved through axonometric projection, and I'm still trying to wrap my head around this new information. Once I have it down, I can finally generate assets beyond just characters! How exciting!