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BACKGROUND A DAY | [ Tired of white backgrounds? Want an excuse to make concept areas for your comic series, game project or just to get better at drawing places? Feel free to create a series of bacgrounds based around a certain area, object or even a character!]

Try to include: [ 1.A distinctive light source and or 2. one, two or three point perspective]

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Lots on my plate today. Background and trees in the sketchbook.

Today I multistreamed with PenBee and a new person today! Today was all about working together!

Also my computer has gone berserk and I am gonna reformat that baby so hard tonight... GUESS I'LL BE REINSTALLING VISUAL STUDIO FOR HOURS AGAIN looking forward to that one, heh. Honestly, reformatting the computer is pretty fun, I'll be honest here.

Computer troubles plaguing me again. Uploading today's digital efforts when I fix it!

Most of today's work is in the sketchbook.

Stayed up and continued doing croquis into the early morning. Current Figure count: 96. With those out of the way, I can get the rest of my studying done today!

Now that I have sunlight blockers in my windows, it is so much easier for me to concentrate when I'm at home working and studying! I just wish my room were soundproof so I could have sound isolation too, but I'm thankful for what I've got! As usual, perspective and tree studies done in the sketchbook, life drawing quicksketches done on the tablet.

Figure Count: 77

Nothing unusual to report. Perspective and Tree studies in sketchbook, gesture drawings on tablet. Current figure count: 46 with hopes of doing more later today.

Did my usual background and tree tests on paper, got up early to get some croquis in! Gonna get some more done as the day goes on.

Sometimes its difficult to get work going smoothly in the middle of the day because the sun rises directly in one of my windows and makes the lighting all weird and inconsistent. I ended up needing to pick up a light blocker for my window and several other tools today. Most of today's work was in my sketchbook, background sketches, trees and figures.

Today has been quite a day. My family got stranded on the road while I tried to coordinate getting someone to tow them and get the van repaired and such. Meanwhile, I did my usual perspective and tree studies in my sketchbook and a life drawing gesture session that I will be adding to this post as soon as I am able to connect my computer to the internet again!

Been burnt out, so I've been taking it easy. In my case, 'easy' means continued perspective studies and tree studies in my sketchbook with low impact drawings on my tablet.

I've drawn a lot of stuff today, some in my sketchbook, some on the tablet, all of it garbage. Its been a heck of a week.

Most of today's work was done in my sketchbook. The usual perspective background studies and tree studies. I did other sketches on the computer as well.

Suffering from near complete burnout. Did most of today's work in Sketchbook. Began croquis but could not muster even my typical output today.

100 figures per day was taking a toll on me, so I scaled it back to recover. Been mostly working in sketchbook.

Final Figure drawing count: 104 figures. Trying to get more crammed into a day.

Lots of things done today, some of it in the sketchbook, some on the computer, the usual.

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