Submissions from 2023-12-15 to 2023-12-16 (7 total)

going to practice faces again

wrote script for cutting out colors from randomizer. selecting 13 colors per palette atm, then drawing all 13 colors on page, then typing each clashing color into each corresponding array that was talking about yesterday. seems to work alright atm. selecting 13 colors from initial 70 colors it gets down to ~45 colors atm left in the array at the point after last color is chosen... probably still a lot more clashing colors. would probably be faster if i inputted non-clashing colors and had randomizer temporarily NOT select any confirmed non-too-similar-color-pairing. half of this tedious grind is memorizing where each marker goes in the box irl. also small amount of fun looking at the colors next to each other... i been drawing with just pen for looooong time so it amuse to see color

Was thinking this was a birthday cupcake, but close enough - it grants wishes and what not...