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A submission for Daily Art Club

no i don't have red paper, i drew this in 30 seconds before going to bed with my red light on

A submission for Daily Art Club

tiny garfield cuz it's late

A submission for Daily Art Club

Draw on a jump suit

we must not forget to live in the real (drawing) world

sry, too late for this

so much for going to bed on time

quick junk cuz I gotta GO TO BED

a little garfield pose trainer

idk, gotta draw people and faces from the mind

Step 1 . draw garfield
Step 2. Go to instagram, draw frogs I follow
step 3. avoid learning how to draw bodies

woops, drew last night but forgot to upload

i'm a one trick pony

prompt: shadow boxing

will my local skate group accept this as their logo

as a self respecting garfield fan i must memorize how to draw garfield

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