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Need to figure out how to get excited about drawing

I will never get better if I just keep drawing this guy

worse version of yesterday (trying to recall from memory)

they don't call me 10 gallon garfield for nuthin'

got back from flight, 1 more crap day

I hurt my back last weekend and it's been getting worse, this is all I can manage right now

Another year of drawing down

ref: garf January 03, 1986

im still freaking sick

ref: garf February 23, 2000

I actually drew a wedding card this day but I forgot to take a photo. This is the sketch I did before just to make sure I could draw it

A submission for Daily Art Club

no i don't have red paper, i drew this in 30 seconds before going to bed with my red light on

A submission for Daily Art Club

tiny garfield cuz it's late

A submission for Daily Art Club

Draw on a jump suit

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