hi, Im an indie game developer focusing on VFX

I am learning how to do digital art here . Let's improve!

Becoming great at pixel-art VFX & solidifying all my animation foundations by documenting them.
I will create products that solve all the questions & problems of a hobbyist game-developer.

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Applied the altering of colors and different timings to the electricity.
I like the flow better because it eases out into dissipation alongside the smoke.

The smoke should be less bubbly. It should dissipate like streaky mist, not cartoony clouds. I fix this by connecting the shapes to form longer lines.
The dissipation should follow a curved pattern that resembles its silhouette and flow direction. So for this example, I could have make it curve slighty in-out ward from the center.

continuation of yesterday
Did a tiny bit better on the keyframe planning for the smokes. Still unsure on how to approach the electricity to get consistent results

Study from yesterday
Butchered the smoke 'flow' when I tried looping the animation. Ill need to work on better keyframe planning asap

Electricity practice
I will continue separating the progress with new frames
Its a great way to document the process and pinpoint any mistakes

Chipped away at some animation practice this week!
I gotta understand each segment to its fullest so i can piece them together better.
I also want to get better at smooth animation & adapt to whatever frame rate im at

I forgot to update this last month, so I'll try to squeeze out what I've learned from this book.

  1. Always be welcoming to new and challenging problems. When you accept bigger problems, you tend to become bigger than those problems when you work away at them. Putting things in the realm of possibility makes it possible.

  2. Big thinkers think positive. Negativity subtracts from the infinite realm of possibilities you are capable of achieving. So when something puts you down, think positive and big. You shall overcome.

  3. Big thinkers take it one step at a time because they see the bigger picture. More often than not, small thinkers want the results instantly. If they do not get the results, they assume it is either not possible or not worth the effort.
    Think far into the future, and take things one step at a time.

  4. Take time to plan things out. Work smarter.
    An exerpt of the book mentions how this one ceo dude spent 4 hours every Sunddy to plan out his week. Those 4 hours of self reflection and planning allowed his following days to become that much more effective with the same amount of effort. So make sure you make an effort to plan things out- not planning your vision out leads you to uncertain, aimless outcomes.

Next book is Elemental Magic Volume 2!

Worked on this bit by bit for a few days- will try again this week :D

Excellent read. Just finished it today.

Here are the best takeaways I got from the book:

  1. Self control is a muscle. It gets tired when you overwork it too much.
    ex. Test subjects who are forced to resist eating a cookie will perform far worse in self control & emotional stability compared to their cookie eating coutnerparts.

  2. Habits are formed by the Trigger, Loop, and Reward cycle.

  3. Old habits never die, they are just overrun by new habits.

  4. More often than not, the Triggers cannot be altered. It is best to either completely avoid Triggers or override the Loop & Rewards to form a completely new habit.

  5. Nearly every aspect of our daily life is controled by unconcious habits that cater to our emotions, certain thoughts, physical stimuli, etc...

  6. Changing a habit requires numerous trial & errors. You must be creative with the Loops & Rewards you give yourself. Pinpoint where the bad habits root from (Trigger,Loop, or Reward).

My next book will be Elemental Magic again! I have a shit ton of animation to do so it's going to be helpful in the upcoming month. lez git ittt

It's been a while since the last art post! I've been stuck doing alot of animations so I've veered off from digital doodles...
I will get back in the groove of posting daily again, but it will be a mix of pixels and digital! Legggoo :D

revisiting these kinds of shapes again

handy hands handling handie hands

wip drawing for a collabo- was a tough one..

made some propaganda for the streakclub gods Lool

Gotta work on facial and hand expressions!
I will prioritize drawing it quickly over quality because the bad quality makes it look kind of funny & I needa draw a few dozen in a weekend

long time no doodle! here's a picture of some bread
gotta get dat bread

Worked on another gif tut on the principles of animation
Haven't done this in forever so it'll be solid practice

I realized it's tough for me to code w/o a visual reference or feedback, so I decided to doodle up some enemies before I code them!

wooosh woosh quick sketches

doodled a bunch for a vid! now for the hard part... TALKING

drew perspective from memory- tough but effective exercise!

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