hi, Im an indie game developer focusing on VFX

I am learning how to do digital art here (starting 2020). Let's improve!

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revisiting these kinds of shapes again

handy hands handling handie hands

wip drawing for a collabo- was a tough one..

made some propaganda for the streakclub gods Lool

Gotta work on facial and hand expressions!
I will prioritize drawing it quickly over quality because the bad quality makes it look kind of funny & I needa draw a few dozen in a weekend

long time no doodle! here's a picture of some bread
gotta get dat bread


wooooho There's so many audio issues but I finally released my first video asldfjasldjf al;sejf
I'm so relieved the first one is out & can't wait to improve on the future ones! The next one will probably be a Devlog 0 for my game or a simple walk through on one of assets.

Here are some notes for my future self for next week's video:
-Fix buzzing
-Increase volume
-Find a proper thumbnail creator (high res)
-Have better transitions & timing on video

Worked on another gif tut on the principles of animation
Haven't done this in forever so it'll be solid practice

I realized it's tough for me to code w/o a visual reference or feedback, so I decided to doodle up some enemies before I code them!

wooosh woosh quick sketches

doodled a bunch for a vid! now for the hard part... TALKING

drew perspective from memory- tough but effective exercise!


A submission for Book Club

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gotta practice form to express my shapes

water blast inspired by naruto :D

spent more time using filters and blurs today

tried to draw cracks & holy i have no clue lol Will watch some tutorials on my free time

finished coloring it- back to rough sketches, color & shade studies!

Piecing all my practice together in this one :D!
Still iffy on the right side of the impact tho- time to watch some slow mo vids

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