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I'm working on a running system. I'm trying to think of the mechanics I want, but for now I have implemented a generic GTA style endurance meter. As you run it goes down, if you stop running it goes up (at a little bit of a slower pace). I'm pretty sure this isn't quite the mechanic that is right for this game though. A big portion of the game is about trying to satisfy constraints, choosing which tasks are important enough to complete, and which ones you can't make it to in time. So how the player chooses to run will be important. There could be areas where running is frowned upon to stop Erik from just constantly running everywhere. There could also be danger of running into obstacles or other people. Maybe that would be enough to not have any kind of statistic? But the benefit of a statistic is the ability to modify that statistic, such as eating food that gives you more energy to either run longer or faster, or leveling up your speed. We shall see.

I run a weekly World of Darkness campaign. The players' cabal of mages uprooted from Rochester NY to head to Boston. I helped them settle in by updating the existing map of Boston (they've been there before) to suppose new locations for their base of operations and helped them define a Sanctum to use as a base/

As this is my first submission, I'll point out that I usually work on digital games. This tabletop stuff feels like a copout, but I also wanted to get started ASAP. The last week I've been daily going through Unity tutorials. I expect I'l mostly post related material in the future for a while.

I was working on my spaceship skills early this morning, and I've gotten a pretty good process down.

I will probably use these assets for this month's 1GAM.

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Unfortunately, didn't do too much today. Did some sketching and drew one building, not sure what will it be. I'll add the image to this update. I would be happy for any feedback since I'm not he best artist and the building definitely can (and will) be improved. :)

Yesterday's update can be found here.
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A submission for Make games. 22

Again, no pics today, as I just began rewriting the engine. I'll make it easier to read, comment it and make it more versatile (support for 2d and 3d, not just 3D voxels). I already rewrote about half of the engine code and created some new code for static and physic objects. I'll also do better collision while rewriting. Once the engine is usable, I'll upload it to gitHub as an openSource Java LWJGL-based engine. I'll be updating the engine and improving it for the next couple months probably.

Today I started to implement enemy spawning. Portals will appear on the outskirts of the room, spawning enemies. In the original "One Room Dungeon," walls and enemies both spawned all over the room. In the remake, walls fall in the center, and enemies spawn in the area surrounding the center. The spawning system is not done yet: I need to implement "intelligent" spawning and make sure every enemy can spawn.

Slimes now shoot particles everywhere when they land (as suggested by a commenter on a prior update. Thanks for the suggestion!)

Enemies sitting under falling walls get squashed now (I plan to make the effect less bland later.)

For the next draft I'll add some wind in her hair, which means I'm going to have to go back and separate the layers again, but oh well. I had initially planned on just leaving her fro static, but I don't want it to look lazy. Oh, and I need to stagger the legs more.

EDIT: Sorry for the .mov file, now it's an animated gif. ♥