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I didn't update yesterday, so I lost my streak.

It's only 2 days until I'm supposed to release my game, and it won't be ready, so I'm delaying it to the 7th of March. I'm sorry for making everyone wait longer to play.

On the bright side, I put some new things in my game. Combat works for all characters now, and feels much better.

I also started adding a new robot enemy.

Yesterday I forgot to post to both my personal "One Room Dungeon" streak and the "Make games." streak. Technically, I broke my "Make games." streak. sigh... Oh well!

Anyway, TWO new characters today!

Introducing the Psychic and the Brute!

The Psychic uses her psychokinesis field to slow ghosts! The field is passive, and takes a lot of energy, so she's slower than the rest of the cast.

The Brute is fast. I mean, REALLY fast. But he's not very good at the whole "stopping" part of moving, so he slides around a lot.


A submission for Make games. 27

You can smack enemies now! Once you hit them, they fly off the screen.

Today I implemented the scoring system and set up chest and key spawning. The spawning needs some work (the key and chest have trouble finding a spot to spawn right now) but at least it's in now!

All I have to do now is tie up any loose ends and the base game is finished. Then I can start adding new enemies, new levels, bosses, and maybe even some new gamemodes!

Today I started to implement enemy spawning. Portals will appear on the outskirts of the room, spawning enemies. In the original "One Room Dungeon," walls and enemies both spawned all over the room. In the remake, walls fall in the center, and enemies spawn in the area surrounding the center. The spawning system is not done yet: I need to implement "intelligent" spawning and make sure every enemy can spawn.

Slimes now shoot particles everywhere when they land (as suggested by a commenter on a prior update. Thanks for the suggestion!)

Enemies sitting under falling walls get squashed now (I plan to make the effect less bland later.)

I have implemented a lot of new things today!

I have added in a shadow effect to walls so they are more prominent. Don't worry, the player, the enemies, the key, the chest, etc. will not be obscured. Well, there might be *one* thing that hides in the shadows, but that's a mechanic for another day!

The chest can now be opened. I'm pretty proud of the animation, and how the coins go shooting out of the chest.

Speaking of opening chests: In the one original one room dungeon, walls faded away after opening a chest. In the remake, they will go away after a chest has been opened two times.

I've also been preparing to implement something very special: dynamic music! More on that later.

No image today.

Implemented loss from falling walls.

(I also did some work on on-going features. Today was a "behind the scenes" kind of day.)

Blocks fall now!

In the original "One Room Dungeon," blocks just kind of pop into existence from their shadows. Now, blocks fall from the top of the screen (just cosmetic, they can only squish you if you are standing where they land.) I think it looks nicer, but I might make the effect more subtle.

I am almost done recreating the original "One Room Dungeon." I should have around 10 days left after that to implement new mechanics, like boss battles, collectible items, characters, etc.


A submission for Make games. 16

Now the player gets an idea of where a slime will land once it's up in the air via a little flash on the ground.

Also, the slime makes the screen shake a bit when it lands. (The gif doesn't capture this too well; it happens consistantly in the game.

I redrew the original "One Room Dungeon's" room in the remake's resolution. It's not perfect; I will go back to it and make it look better later.

I also made a spawning animation for the key and got it in the game, added sparkle sprites to draw attention to the key and the chest, and got the key spinning around the player once he or she grabs the key.

The key mechanic I started to implement doesn't fit with the game I want to make, so I am removing it. The key will act as it does in the original "One Room Dungeon."

Today I don't have anything finished to show off. I have lots of little things I started on which will pay off later.

The key now bounces off of walls. The collision is really bad right now, so I'll be going back to it later.

I also made an animation for when a chest spawns.

Walls are in the game, and the player and enemies cannot move through them.

The slime now leaps high into the air, off the screen, and crash down where the player was when it started to jump.

In the original One Room Dungeon, Slimes would jump around on-screen, traveling in arcs. Slimes could not be hit or hit the player when they were in the air. Players did not understand this, and many losses were because of the confusing Slime movement.

To remedy this, slimes now leave the screen and re-enter. This should make it easier to tell when the slime is down on the ground and read to hit, or in the air and ready to strike.

I may go back and tweak how the slime's jumps work, but now I have something to build off of.

This enemy chases after the player, occasionally pausing and rushing, just like in the original One Room Dungeon.

It's easy to deal with when it is alone, but in large groups, Ghosts can become a serious threat.

Today I created the movement code and implemented the art I drew a couple days ago. There is no collision detection or defeat state for Ghosts and the player, as you can see in the attached GIF. Maybe tomorrow.

I have created animation for the player (idle, walking, and punching), got the player moving, added in a key with animation, and created a grabbing/throwing mechanic.