Lambitymoon · 264 days ago

Thanks a bunch, Penbee! You made it look like fun! :)

Penbee · 264 days ago

Welcome to Streak Club, Lambity! I hope your stay here is fun and that it helps you progress with your endeavors. Thanks for the watch!

Lambitymoon · 264 days ago

Really?! Thank you very much! ^__^

leafo · 264 days ago

awesome, good luck on your submissions. I put this image on the homepage :)

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Hello again Streak Club! *smooches yer face* I'm back from my trip to Burbank! It was a very needed and fruitful experience and I'm glad I went! But now it's time to get back to reality. Streaking will continue tomorrow! Thank you! <

A submission by Lambitymoon for Daily Art

I bought an iPad and Procreate to draw with but it's not working out for me. :( This is all I drew before deciding to take it back

New Twitter icon is Linty the Space Sheep. A sleepy and shy ram who's good buddies with Sheepy!

A submission by Lambitymoon for Daily Art

(doggone it, I broke my streak again. >A<)

A submission by Lambitymoon for Daily Art

Got the next Petra strip done! Streak Club Exclusive sneak peek! ;)

Golden rule of drawing: if you don't like a drawing the 1st time, draw it again. (2nd attempt on top, 1st on bottom

My BFF Gwen and I are coming back to California! Gwen is moving there and not only am I helping her out, I'll be trying to job hunt. Wish us luck!

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