Lambitymoon · 87 days ago

Thanks a bunch, Penbee! You made it look like fun! :)

Penbee · 87 days ago

Welcome to Streak Club, Lambity! I hope your stay here is fun and that it helps you progress with your endeavors. Thanks for the watch!

Lambitymoon · 87 days ago

Really?! Thank you very much! ^__^

leafo · 87 days ago

awesome, good luck on your submissions. I put this image on the homepage :)

More submissions by Lambitymoon for Daily Art

Strolling on the village bridge

A submission by Lambitymoon for Daily Art

(oh dear I have catching up to do)

Two characters from a rejected short comic idea. If given the chance, I'd bring their story to light.

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day, Streak Club! My webcomic characters Petra and Battista!

(little known fact: I'm part Irish from my Mom's side. ;) )

Late thing for Pi Day! Lisa, Hector, and their mom Dottie. :) (Not to sound gross but Dottie's a little thicker than this. Note for next time yeah.)

The cast of Food Police drawn as chibis! Realized how hard it was since my style of drawing them is simple enough as is lol

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