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theme is animals and... markers?

practicing digital painting!

reference photo:
time spent: like a million hours

made a 3d sheet

a chill merboy stuck in a vortex

Want to draw my zelda breath of the wild horses, Stormy & Skydancer

I had a terrible idea where I thought I would try and paint book covers. Original

Could only find my giant paintbrush so this is pretty rough

thinking about being asleep

with convenient foot concealing smoke

Tried to draw scorpion girl again, this time w/brush pens & two scorpions

Oops missed a few days, here's my cat as a wizard

did you know vampire bats are basically sweet potatoes with wings?

Back on track! I showed my boyfriend my wolf boys & he said they looked like they had exploding farts ;_;

uh oh a wolf boy is skipping class

Tried using a brush pen, it was not easy ;_;

hmm, getting really unambitious during the weekdays

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