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My right arm has been hurting since last Sunday and I finally went to the doctor yesterday. Turns out I strained my right arm from drawing so much, hehe whoops. Doc said until further notice, I must not draw and only use my right arm when necessary. It sucks this happened during Inktober, the one art challenge I look forward to now, but really it's just sad that I did this to myself. Lucky for me it's reversible. So alas, I must leave you once again, Streak Club. But I shall return~ <3<3<3

Have to skip Inktober today. Right arm has been aching all day. Last thing I want is to make it worse. >m<

INKTOBER IS HERE ONCE AGAIN! For my 4th year in a row, I'm doing locations! Let's break this spell of poor depth perception, shall we?

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Agent Chick character from memory and then with reference

A submission for Daily Art Club

(wowwwww the pic didn't load. Embarrassing~! ^___^;;

(All caught up on my streak, heheh

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(love these shorts so much. More shorts coming soon hooray

Hello again Streak Club! *smooches yer face* I'm back from my trip to Burbank! It was a very needed and fruitful experience and I'm glad I went! But now it's time to get back to reality. Streaking will continue tomorrow! Thank you! <

A submission for Daily Art Club

I bought an iPad and Procreate to draw with but it's not working out for me. :( This is all I drew before deciding to take it back

New Twitter icon is Linty the Space Sheep. A sleepy and shy ram who's good buddies with Sheepy!

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