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another off-centered square crop without distortion correction

here i was again, missing the streak by setting standards too high to achieve. trying to relax today by choosing an average picture, but i was spending too much time adjusting the composition so i decided to release it with no crop. will try to get back into a good rhythm > quality for a while now

black and white trick of the day: use white balance settings to adjust dark tones quickly

this was almost done yesterday but i forgor uhu

the flies gave me hope
composition and moon

colors don't look real

re-framing perception


hiii! off-balance composition for my first day back

not going outside much bcause of paint, will have to "cheat" again and edit more pictures of paintings to keep up lmao (i say cheat but its interesting to work with colors i'll never see "in the wild")

didn't meant to publish this but i edited by automatism and now the texture is kinda sick

this is my first acrylic painting (ever), not anything special but i wanted to get comfortable with the tools


attempt at mimicking the overly cheap aspect of some early y2k digicams, from a picture i took with my Z30 (24 megapixel mirrorless)

the steps

  • disabled white balance
  • marginaly adjusted some colors
  • 1 megapixel 3:2 ratio (1226x816), downscaled nearest-neighbor to preserve noise
  • dithered to 256 colors (optimum palette), positioned ditering [note: web palette looked like absolute trash]

this is not the first time i downscaled an image for noise

ideas to make it more interesting:

  • crop to lose pixels
  • increase noise in post by reducing precision
  • scale down more heavily, to half a megapixel or even less
  • use a pentax q raw (tastier noise, probably less "authentic" (i don't care))

i don't like it but i'm late soooooooo

c'est juste une chaise


geometry doesn't mean shit

experimenting with underexposure in post

i'm very late, considered breaking the streak but i'll skim through my backlog instead (this one i did today though)

messing w/ hue and overly eye candy colors at wrong place

also, the raw had an interesting sliding composition, i made the choice to straighten it to reinforce the comfortable feel i was aiming for

ok maybe this is a bit pushed

wanted to try this for a while, pretty simple and somewhat dirty but i think it's cool (and might as well document my experiments here)

will look back at this one, rework it a bit or decide to publish it as-is

i don't have much more time today though

ne meurs pas

« L’erreur picturale, c’est le sujet. L’erreur de cinéma, c’est le scénario. » (Fernand Léger, Peinture et cinéma)

received new lens today (7Artisans' 35mm f/5.6), i love the properties of these on the paper so i'm very excited to use them-- i've to take some sleep sadly, so more exciting stuff will come on later days

here's one of the few test pictures i did. i love the way it renders light sources and the feel of the lens focus, its very fast to use and pleasant to use as well thanks to its locking mechanism (setting focus past infinite covers the lens, no lens cap needed!!) def really happy for the price, i think i'll make it my main lens for this camera

spec of grain // can you see what i see

very quick one, but sometimes a picture doesn't need much

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