Submissions from 2015-06-20 to 2015-06-21 (5 total)

I've been thinking about how to design a very simple wave editor for the shmup, and I want something very visual. Right now, my wave system is setup through the Inspector window, by adding specific amounts of specific ships and waiting a specific amount of time after that.

I want an editor where I can draw paths, have the ships wait, shoot, or wait and shoot at the same time. I want to be able to create basic pacing, and test it out on the go.

A submission for Make games. 147

I'm still trying to figure out a good way to use the same tilemap 3 times (top, collision and bottom) but picking the right ones is really awful...

I've managed to do it but I would have to have 3 different tilemap objects and I'm sure there's a better way.

A submission for Make games. 147

Today’s work was targetted on the player’s movements. It’s very far from perfect but at least it’s there.

I decided to take a screenshot using the size she's actually going to be. Hm. Didn't turn out how I was hoping, but I'm thinking the camera will be zoomed in at 200%. Also, I added some pockets to her hoodie!