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A submission for Make games. 173

Worked on the save system, now that I'm able to add multiple enemies. The loading system will be more work though.

Finally figured out what I wasn't doing right. Feels good! It also helps that I came home before midnight!

$%#*#&!^@ still trying to fix the nodes/enemy movement in the editor. It started messing up when I added multiple enemies, so that's gotta be a clue.

A submission for Make games. 170

I haven't fixed the crap from saturday, but I'm able to have multiple paths and only show the selected one.

A submission for Make games. 168

I broke all the things! I tried to implement multiple paths at the same time, and everything is now broke. Success!

I'm finally able to add and move ship around in my editor.

Main Menu

A submission for Make games. 167

Lack of motivation, so have a placeholder main menu!

A submission for Make games. 166

Saving levels KINDA works now. I haven't figured out how to serialize structs yet, but that should be difficult.

A submission for Make games. 165

More editor flow!

A submission for Make games. 164

Tiny bit more UI done, as well as a lot of prep for hooking up the wave editor to the levels editor. It'll make sense once it's complete, I promise.

Edit: this gif is oddly satisfying.

A submission for Make games. 163

First day at the new job, and I'm exhausted. I implemented more stuff for the level menu, so that I can now add/store multiple waves with that.

A submission for Make games. 161

Little progress made today, as I'm prepping for my new job on Monday. Implemented more UI flow from my designs.

I feel bad for not posting anything interesting, but I'm at a point where I'm creating a lot of systems and I have to make sure they will work together.

There are also a lot of different bits and pieces to work on and I feel a little bit overwhelmed. I'm not sure what to work on first, especially since I know nothing will really work until ALL the pieces are coded.

Anyway, I spent today think about design and screen flow.

Did a bit more planning and UI mockups. Will post pictures soon.

Death in the family today :( so i didn't get much done.

Mostly planned out some stuff for the level editor flow.

Did about 4h of work on the editor today. I eventually hit a point where i'm not sure i'm doing things the right way.

I originally thought of having an in-game level editor, but I'd have to handle user i/o and I don't really want the players to create levels. It's more of a tool for me to develop content, so I'm going to need to redesign some of my save/load system.

Another potential issue is that I eventually want to save/load into the Resources folder of Unity, but that folder is read-only at runtime. I can still save stuff to it, but it won't show up until i rebuild the scene. I may get around that with good resource management, but it's still counter-intuitive.

The wave serialization is functional. I'm now able to save wave data, with ships and their path. It's not very fun to work on, but it's a required step before I create content.

Improved my weapon system, so that i can combine any weapons into "combo weapons". Here's a preview:

A submission for Make games. 154

I spent some time on a new particle system, and improving the way explosions look. I'm not very happy with it yet, so i won't post a pic today. Sorry :(

Implemented the collision for this thing.


A submission for Make games. 152

Started working on a laser beam for the player.

Did a bunch more work on the editor. Fixed a couple bugs, implemented the "speed" and "wait" actions on each node, and started working on a serialization system.

Worked on the shmup level editor some more. Decided to ditch iTweenPath for a while, so i can get a very basic thing going, and then i'll add bezier curves back. Pics soon.


A submission for Make games. 148

I'm checking out iTween for the enemy movements. It's pretty easy to use, but i might need to modify it quite a bit. I want movement to be speed-based, not time-based (and since iTween is an animation system, it is time-based).

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