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Haha, I finished this earlier and just now realized I needed to submit!

Today I built a tent that you can pick up and put down, with the ability to go inside it into another map. I had some map transition code already, but it wasn't well suited to handle a moving destination target. Also, it had to load all of the rooms that you could ever concieve of visiting at once. So I changed the warp target to be able to warp to an item given its name. And then I made it so that warping to a map will load the map first, so that the game can start without all of the rooms loaded.

It's still not perfect, as two tents will not be unique items in terms of the inside room it warps you to. To do that, I would have to load a second copy of the tent map and have a way to distinguish where the exits go. Not terribly hard in principle, but a little more for me to get to today. Iwill probably have a few more than 1 tent, and it would be good code to have in the engine anyway, so I'll probably add this at some point.

Only optimization today. And I just started working on my own version of frustum culling. Nothing more.

I've done three major things, onyl one really required for the alpha release of Starfire Lords: Genesis

  1. I've updated the missile graphics. The old ones were supposed to be placeholders anyway.
  2. I've updated the firing amount (and lowered the damage to balance). Let's be honest: it's fun to shoot a ton of missiles. Why deprive the player of that right from the get go?
  3. I've added staggering to missiles so that it feels more like a barrage, instead of some silly programmer increasing the fire rate lazily.

Unfortunately, this wasn't a very productive day since I'm feeling a bit sick. I still somehow managed to finish everything I was planning to do, though - the research system is now finished. :) Not sure, what I'll be working on next, but I'll definitely figure it out. There are tons of things to do, including art which I'm delaying as usual. :)

Yesterday's update can be found here.
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Yesterday I didn't make an alien.. :c I'm lucky I usually submit after 12 though, so it looks like i've been keeping this streak haha :D

Today I made aliens with wobbly balls on their head! ^^

I have implemented a lot of new things today!

I have added in a shadow effect to walls so they are more prominent. Don't worry, the player, the enemies, the key, the chest, etc. will not be obscured. Well, there might be *one* thing that hides in the shadows, but that's a mechanic for another day!

The chest can now be opened. I'm pretty proud of the animation, and how the coins go shooting out of the chest.

Speaking of opening chests: In the one original one room dungeon, walls faded away after opening a chest. In the remake, they will go away after a chest has been opened two times.

I've also been preparing to implement something very special: dynamic music! More on that later.

Not sure why I decided to make this an animation, but meh. I'll be making some minor adjustments later, but I have my process down at least.