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starting to implement my tilesets. still a little rough, but at least im finally making them!

and my only salvageable doodle from today LOL

I've taken a day off from my aliens to learn Unity better. Playing around with physics and particles and stuff^^ The gif is sped up for some reason, can't be bothered to record a new one :C

Alright, the draft after this is going to have to be the final draft. I'm obsessing over the environments and not getting enough done with character poses, animations, and game mechanics.

No image today.

Implemented loss from falling walls.

(I also did some work on on-going features. Today was a "behind the scenes" kind of day.)

A submission for Make games. 20

I made a relatively simple change, only had about 30 minutes free today. When interacting with objects, an icon appears above that object on the screen instead of in the corner. This gives a bit more room to show the item/character name so you know what you are interacting with.

So one of the last few things that I've had on my todo list was to make the energy sword feel more useful, as it already feels really fun to use. I've upped the parts and reduced the cooldown.

Basically, this gun fires a bunch of bullets along a path all at once, and it only lasts for a quarter of a second, giving an instantaious laser feel to it.

So I finally sorted out the problem I've been working on for a few days.

Now when you select a unit it highlights all tiles that are within a set distance of the unit (currently hardcoded to 3). I'll add in a cost based on the tile type over the next few days. Also need to make the highlight list remove duplicates as you may notice some of the tiles are double highlighted in the screenshot.

I had given up on this earlier today after several hours but had another quick look at it for 10 mins and had one of those great "oh yeah!" moments and fixed it. Programming can be massively frustrating at times :p

Today I finished working on producing random events. Some minor bugs were also fixed and small improvements made. Currently, I'm working on research buttons - displaying corresponding price and image. Tomorrow should be too busy and I'm hoping to finish off until next update. :)

I also started reading a book about Machine Learning named "The Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction". Hopefully, it will be useful in one way or another.

Yesterday's update can be found here.
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Something different today. Instead of the usual update on progress, I decided to talk about my plans for the future of Dungeon. I'll start from the top. I already have an idea for an actuall title, but I will use it once the story part of the game (yes, there will be a story) is finished, so probably somewhere around summer (but it may last much longer, as I work alone atm, I have big plans for the story and I will be skipping next grade, so I'll have a lot to catch up in school). Now for the mechanics of the game and the main idea behind it. It will be kind of a sandbox, with everything in it customizable and changable. But not quite in the way Minecraft works. The world is static, meaning the blocks in it can't be destroyed, nor can new be created in game (but it may change). All variables like gravitational acceleration, timescale, etc. will be customizable with the use of jsons. All blocks in the world can be created by the creator of the world. Every aspect of the block, except for the model (all blocks will use a 1x1x1 model) can be defined by the creator. Entities will work about the same. Creator of the entity will be able to define all it's parameters, including size, speed, texture, etc. Pretty much everything in the game will work like that. But because I don't want this to be simply an engine for easy game creation, I will include a lot of made-by-pi content. I think I said everything worth saying. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.