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Something different today. Instead of the usual update on progress, I decided to talk about my plans for the future of Dungeon. I'll start from the top. I already have an idea for an actuall title, but I will use it once the story part of the game (yes, there will be a story) is finished, so probably somewhere around summer (but it may last much longer, as I work alone atm, I have big plans for the story and I will be skipping next grade, so I'll have a lot to catch up in school). Now for the mechanics of the game and the main idea behind it. It will be kind of a sandbox, with everything in it customizable and changable. But not quite in the way Minecraft works. The world is static, meaning the blocks in it can't be destroyed, nor can new be created in game (but it may change). All variables like gravitational acceleration, timescale, etc. will be customizable with the use of jsons. All blocks in the world can be created by the creator of the world. Every aspect of the block, except for the model (all blocks will use a 1x1x1 model) can be defined by the creator. Entities will work about the same. Creator of the entity will be able to define all it's parameters, including size, speed, texture, etc. Pretty much everything in the game will work like that. But because I don't want this to be simply an engine for easy game creation, I will include a lot of made-by-pi content. I think I said everything worth saying. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.