I've taken a day off from my aliens to learn Unity better. Playing around with physics and particles and stuff^^ The gif is sped up for some reason, can't be bothered to record a new one :C

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Feels like stuff is finally falling into place! The game is already kinda playable which is amazing <3

Getting into the story a bit now :)

I'll just dump this here with no explanation LOL

Also I made a devlog! :OOOO http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=47355

Working on some mechanics for once!

The game will feature multiple controllable characters that you switch between.. In the pictures you can see how one alien can activate a machine and the other can carry stuff.. COooooooool!

Needs a bunch of tweaking of course but this is a really good start! :D

(The last gif is just because I'm so in love with the bubble pop animation hahaha <3 )

Been working 3 days straight on speech bubbles now.. far from finished, but it's looking good so far :#3

Just started on this 5th "tileset" for the planets, this one is a bit more abstract, u can't really tell what this is, but I kinda like it, :D

Today I messed around in Bugland a whole lot. It sucked, but was kinda interesting visually ^^ Oh and I made these kinda bouncy balls that turn into planets. lol

Yesterday I didn't make an alien.. :c I'm lucky I usually submit after 12 though, so it looks like i've been keeping this streak haha :D

Today I made aliens with wobbly balls on their head! ^^

Oh man these one turned out great! :D So these guys have long arms that they use for walking! :D

So this is my sad attempt at drawing aliens with big mouths haha, they have holes in them!^^ I think they're cute though, so.. success?

These guys turned out super cute! :D :3 I love the thought of having super big and super small aliens interacting with each other! ^^

Make games.

Work on some aspect of a game, let's say 5 days a week.

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