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I realize this isn't great... I did 3 other full canvases worth of stuff (and a full page of doodles on the back of something at work).

They're all rather sad, and blue, mood-wise, quality-wise, ...and colour-wise. I'm most pleased with my weirdest final one... which isn't here.... because I don't think people would like it, even though I do. It is totally how I'm feeling though, I guess! XD

EDIT: I added the weird one that was/is my mood. XD

HAHA... So I wrote this thing tonight Terry Pratchett-style because of a joke a friend made in the WaniKani forums... Buahaha...!

I did it even though I felt my brain was muddled and mushy, and all tired...

And posted it on the forum as follows:

Aikibujin said... *shakes head* at Anime.

Edit: Anime now you have to write a post, TP style, from the view point of a Cave-gina. @_@
You asked for it!

And now...

The Tale of Cave-Gina


From the dawn of time*...

There have always been multiple worlds. A plethora of worlds, in fact. For in fact, if this were not so, how would we be imparting this knowledge to you now? For without worlds, societies would not exist, and without societies, there would be no culture. Without culture, there would not be much point in living, and so people would cease to exist rather quickly due to boredom. Other life too, would be bored, and also choose to stop living, as it is the existence of peoples and cultures that narrate stories.

Without stories, we are nothing, and countless worlds do not exist.

But I digress...

Even so, this is one such story, that has been passed down from before the days of old, before even the times of the grandfathers** of the days of old.

It is a story that took place in the far corners of the minds of an ancient god, content in slumber. Yes, this god had not one, not two, but four minds. However this story was so powerful, that it rippled across the first mind into the second, and from the second into the fourth***, from the forth into the left elbow of the god, which made the god laugh, having hit the funnybone, and then finally into the third mind.

It was within the third mind that this particular story set up camp and really grew up and took shape.

The shape of the story was at first that of an amorphous universe, within which numerous galaxies popped up in mere Planck times, the last of which housed three solar systems which could sustain life. It was on the furthest rock from the furthest sun within this lone galaxy, in the furthest corner of the ancient god's third mind, where there sprouted a dark, sprawling, craggy mountain range which covered nearly half the surface area of said rock - the Mountains of Ul'Aerth.

The Mountains of Ul'Aerth remained uninhabited for countless millennia****, until finally the lichen began to grow in the dampness of the melting icecaps, and cold, showering waterfalls began to plummet from their tops to form clear pools of chill baths... and finally, other life began to move in. This other life ranged from a variety of flora and fauna - mostly fauna - and took shelter in the many caves that riddled the Mountains of Ul'Aerth's Southern side.

In one of the fairly standard, average-sized caves, lived a girl.

This girl, was no ordinary cavegirl*****, for she was



* Not to be confused with The Dawn of Time, a youthful, hip, twenty-something woman (we can't be sure of her exact age for reasons about to be explained) who was born during both Equinoxes and Solstices at the same time by sheer accident while her parents copulated at what appeared to be the edge of a black hole, but in reality was a major rift in the space-time-narrative, quite possibly being a nexus to all times at once. And so, because of this strange conception, Dawn is able to control time to a moderate degree, as well as slip in, out, and through it in either direction. This is of course, is why we also can't be sure of her exact age, but she looks fairly young regardless.

** And grandmothers, granduncles, great aunts, and grand nieces, as well as the grand piano; for a piano so grand as all that has certainly existed in the hearts and souls of living beings since the dawn of time itself...

*** The story itself doesn't like following typical structures, so of course counting linearly is out of the question, you understand.

**** Simply because no one was around to count them as they passed by - unless of course Dawn happened to visit, perhaps? Of this, there is no mention, however.

***** Except for in the traditional ways, as she had both a Cave-Mom and a Cave-Dad, as well as a Cave-Brother named Caveryan who often picked on her for being nearly as strong as he was, but not quite, and also because she would go out and hunt for their supper while other cavegirls her age were more interested in picking ice-lilies and making jewelry out of lichen and twigs. They called it the time of Cavemen for a reason... however that was all about to change...

So, not very exciting (so I recycled it already), but I spent 20 minutes filling a page with circles,slowly. Slow, large and medium circles, about 24 of them. I heard from a friend of mine who's in her last year of a Visual Arts degree that this was a good exercise to do, since I told her I don't really have steady hands, I can only make smooth lines when drawing quickly. Only 2 I would say actually were decent... most were pretty bad.

But... a page of circles is boring. So no picture.

I've been listening to They Might Be Giants a lot lately, and they tend to have a lot of random little songs... Either the old Dial-A-Songs, or Fingertips on Apollo 18...

Anyway, this randomly happened...

(The song was originally about poop... I just altered the lyrics after writing the initial ones down...)

I'm mad at the fact

That you don't like my hat

All of a su-uh-den

I'm enraged by the notion

That you started this commotion

All of a su-uh-den

I don't understand what is wrong with my hat

I got it off the discount mat(or I found it on the discount rack?)

I'm sad at the fact

that you don't like my hat

All of a su-uh-den

So this was my first attempt at actually using marker paper along with my Copics (and greyscale Prismacolours). Finally, I could use my blender!

... Not my best colouring or shading (or hands). But essentially, this is me dressed up as a pirate (I do that as often as I can... Hahaha) but with purple eyes because I like purple. :D

I'm pretty happy with the pose; I was drawing from memory from my last set of gesture drawings.

What do you all think? Any tips for marker usage? Any critiques in general?


(Photo of drawing taken with my phone.)

So this was my first attempt at actually using marker paper along with my Copics (and greyscale Prismacolours). Finally, I could use my blender!

... Not my best colouring or shading (or hands). But essentially, this is me dressed up as a pirate (I do that as often as I can... Hahaha) but with purple eyes because I like purple. :D

I'm pretty happy with the pose; I was drawing from memory from my last set of gesture drawings.

What do you all think? Any tips for marker usage? Any critiques in general?


(Photo of drawing taken with my phone.)

I wrote a bit more than two pages of a novel I'm working on. I'm quite happy about it, I haven't written any fiction like that in a month and a half!

(More of this year's NaNo.)

I thought I'd try doing the timed gesture drawings again, as it's been a while since I've done that (been away from home for close to two weeks, and I was thinking I'd do it once a week minimum). Thought I'd try doing it with clothing too... the first image was of a skeleton dressed as the Grim Reaper... (and I was still working on setting up PS + browser side-by-side) so I missed more than half of my 120 seconds... :/

I'm pretty pleased with some of the later attempts in this picture. But I think I need to go back to nudes/nearly nudes to really get that anatomy practice in, which was really the whole point of this. Some of these would've been awesome (like that ballerina!) though, if I had more than 2 minutes to work on it with the reference.

My eyes also started leaking tears (BRIGHT SCREEN!) on the last 2-3 people... So... had to stop (hooray for end of the canvas I made!).

I did these pieces (still unfinished, but it's hanging in my locker now) on the back of my work schedule (for the day).

I imagine the wing-headdress as being made of gold. Done with a two-sided Sharpie.

Again, doodles from work.

I was thinking of WK when I drew the turtle.

Want to get this in before the deadline. I'm still working on it. :D

EDIT: And... the second picture is what I feel satisfied with for the moment. I have something else going on with the clouds... So I need to work on them more... And I might just add more detail in general... But that's it for now. :)

Not a lot of time lately... So here's a digital pencil sketch (2B). Maybe 30 minutes???

Adding something else I started late in the evening... Almost an hour ago. It's a WIP so far. A thousand faces...

Just wanted to paint something starting with a background colour again. The kanji in the centre can both read "Tai", and the WaniKani mnemonic for the first one says "imagine a big an in a tie-dye shirt" (it means big). It can also be read as "dai"... The second means body... *shrugs*

It's late! Gotta draw fast. I have no attention span, either.

Done with 8B and 3B digital pencils. No erasing!

Also, Mermaid(s?) done today.

I had a request for a Mermaid!

So I felt like playing with the colour scheme, after the quick (and moderate) sketch.

The second one was a strange fill accident, but I do kind of like the underwaterness" of it. Finished product at the bottom.

Done while watching the finale episode tonight (missed the last two during the summer).

This woman just had an interesting pose and face, so I tried to replicate it. I wasn't quite satisfied with my first attempt so I drew her again. Then I just doodled. :D

Fine Sharpie on paper.

I wrote today!

Just a small piece for Emisan's Text Based Adventure, that I didn't think I'd even do... because I was feeling dried up of inspiration... but I plugged away....

I almost choke on a piece of fish bone when she asks me her question. Coughing once, I deposit it into a napkin, turning away from her in order to do so, as well as to compose myself before answering. I try to steady my own emotions, my features, as I take a single gulp before turning back around to face the Erregina. "I want to tell you," I bow slightly while remaining seated in my chair, "but do you really think now is the best time?" I quirk my left eyebrow up, dodging her question for now, and lowering my voice as I continue, "with all these other people here, and when Edere could be in danger?" 'I have to think fast, I want to help, but apparently offering to help is wrong? What kind of society won't allow warriors to help in a search?' An idea strikes me. Leaning in even closer to the queen, I lower my voice even further, "I do respect your rules, our rules, however as Erregina, you could wave them or bend them in order to allow me to help..." I feel as though I'm trying to grasp at straws or rice or something else intangible altogether... Perhaps this wasn't the best idea, after all.

I'm not going to post it here because it's kind of boring, but I did some work in Photoshop for a friend that I'd been promising for about a week.

I might do some more of that or write a bit tonight. If I write, I'll be updating to include some of that. (Fiction, whee!)

Later, I recorded myself singing a bit in Japanese... I didn't really create it, but singing is still art... So... WARNING: my mic is very sensitive, and picked up my PC's fan... and when I started to belt a bit in the end of the second file, it gets fuzzy, so if you listen (especially with headphones) turn the volume DOWN.

1/2 Cardcaptor Sakura OP:

Witch Hunter Robin OP (Shell by Bana): 

I don't think I did as well as I did yesterday with the anatomy practice. :/

I was really excited for the second last pose (bottom left)... but it was gone too fast! Same settings as yesterday (120 seconds each).

Also... my first attempts drawing male genitalia.. (so bad!)... I still need a lot of work, obviously. My personal goal is to work on this once a week. I didn't really mean to do it today, too, but I had no ideas, so I shrugged and was like "why not this again?".

Oh well, at least I tried...

Then I wanted to do something fun, so I quickly drew the lynx guy, and coloured him, all in under 15 minutes. *shrugs*

I want to get better at anatomy, so this is my first time doing timed gesture drawing - EVER!

I had each pose set at 120 seconds (2 minutes) but the first one I was futzing about with my windows trying to get the image and Photshop side by side in a way that I could draw, so I wasted at least 20 seconds, if not 30-40. Anyway, right-to-left, top-to-bottom, I did 7 until I "ran out" of digital paper. :D

I did a lot better than I thought I would. YAY! :D

This was using the timed poses at

I may go back and work on this more later. I wanted to do something detailed... But ran out of time. Also, it's harder than I thought it would be without actual measurements... Been a while since I did this!

I was thinking about something from Emisan's Text Adventure thread... :D

Approximately 1 hour.

I felt like giving her a mint green shirt... Then laziness turned to a monochromatic scheme turned to looking up the correct stroke order for the kanji 緑 (みどり).

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