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Spend at least 10 minutes for each day of 2016 to be creative. Draw, sketch, paint, animate, model or sculpt.

The rules are pretty simple: Work on your art, every day of the week, for every week in 2016. We start January 1st and end December 31st. All you have to do is to submit some image or video that represents your effort. We have no limitation on style or medium, so anything from pencil sketches over 3d art to actual clay models.

And think of it like a yoga practice: It's about the journey, not necessarily the result. It's not a competition either. Just try and spend some time on something you love and you'll get better at it.

Note: If you're working on something bigger, you can simply post progress shots as you go along. Late submitting is enabled, so don't worry too much.

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I realize this isn't great... I did 3 other full canvases worth of stuff (and a full page of doodles on the back of something at work).

They're all rather sad, and blue, mood-wise, quality-wise, ...and colour-wise. I'm most pleased with my weirdest final one... which isn't here.... because I don't think people would like it, even though I do. It is totally how I'm feeling though, I guess! XD

EDIT: I added the weird one that was/is my mood. XD

Just getting back into it after a few weeks break.

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So this was my first attempt at actually using marker paper along with my Copics (and greyscale Prismacolours). Finally, I could use my blender!

... Not my best colouring or shading (or hands). But essentially, this is me dressed up as a pirate (I do that as often as I can... Hahaha) but with purple eyes because I like purple. :D

I'm pretty happy with the pose; I was drawing from memory from my last set of gesture drawings.

What do you all think? Any tips for marker usage? Any critiques in general?


(Photo of drawing taken with my phone.)

Stegosaurus pencil sketch

My first submission to this streak.

I thought I'd try doing the timed gesture drawings again, as it's been a while since I've done that (been away from home for close to two weeks, and I was thinking I'd do it once a week minimum). Thought I'd try doing it with clothing too... the first image was of a skeleton dressed as the Grim Reaper... (and I was still working on setting up PS + browser side-by-side) so I missed more than half of my 120 seconds... :/

I'm pretty pleased with some of the later attempts in this picture. But I think I need to go back to nudes/nearly nudes to really get that anatomy practice in, which was really the whole point of this. Some of these would've been awesome (like that ballerina!) though, if I had more than 2 minutes to work on it with the reference.

My eyes also started leaking tears (BRIGHT SCREEN!) on the last 2-3 people... So... had to stop (hooray for end of the canvas I made!).

My first entirely digital art piece! :D Got my first graphics tablet yesterday, and I really think I'm getting the hang of using it. This is one of my newer OCs, Trysa. :)

Want to get this in before the deadline. I'm still working on it. :D

EDIT: And... the second picture is what I feel satisfied with for the moment. I have something else going on with the clouds... So I need to work on them more... And I might just add more detail in general... But that's it for now. :)

A little more time for these sketches today...

A submission for Daily Art 2016 15

about 15 min. I'm no good with animals ;

Not a lot of time lately... So here's a digital pencil sketch (2B). Maybe 30 minutes???

Adding something else I started late in the evening... Almost an hour ago. It's a WIP so far. A thousand faces...

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