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I don't create enough... so I'm going to draw every day in June. And to make sure I do it, and to get more people to join me... it's just a "Doodle" a day. That's quicker than a quick sketch! Whether it's pencil, pen, digital, or some other medium... Spend 2.5+ minutes a day doodling with me! (Target for myself 5+ minutes, but I think Doodles are usually quicker than that.)

Post them every day if you can. :D

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looks like i fell off the wagon. here are some doodles i drew on an envelope during a meeting

A friend at work was feeling down, so I promised to draw her a silly picture. It became a page of silly pictures.

It was a double day at work, so my next shift I continued doodling...

Some digital ink... Then digital painting. One of these days I'll get back to my Alien Mermaid and finish her... Maybe finish the werewolf too. I need serious anatomy help and some kind of discipline! Critiques okay.

I was humming a theme from something, then a theme from Card Captor Sakura during the second piece - all done with the same "brush" at different sizes.

Again doodling from work - this time I made sure to use the back of a page so it would be blank.

It was my first time ever drawing a dragon (besides Trogdor, The Burninator) - so I'm quite pleased with how he turned out! I did mean for him to have a longer, more graceful neck at the outset, though... And you can see where I knew I had the rear leg wrong... ^_^;

I knew I wouldn't be awake after work, so I doodled these on my briefing notes throughout my shift.

I wanted to do something different today... So it's neon purple (purple with layer on screen) on black. I tried standard and opposite colouring for eyes. Which do you prefer? Just some randomness.... Including a mini-sketch of what I dreamed about two mornings ago: a Pancake Stapler.

I was supposed to practice anatomy... But it degenerated into this. I'm not in a good mood and wasn't when I started. Approximately 20 minutes.

:/ Critiques welcome but I'm aware of some of my mistakes. I know it's bad.

Mark Owen Cullen is a civilized, old-timey werewolf who is an accountant for the church by day. He's a character I created for an old-timey paranormal investigator game that ran in BESM 3rd Ed (D20). He did ride around on a Pennyfarthing - which was considered "new-fangled" then.

Pretty pleased with how it turned out. Didn't finish colouring (and crapped out on the hands) because I'm tired and I'm reaching the deadline time... I may finish this later...

full moon tonight, so it's #DrawAWerewolfDay

For some reason I had this idea... What if Mermaids came from space? What would their spaceship look like? A goldfish!

Here are some in-progress sketches - I've been doing this about an hour so I might put the finished coloured piece up later tonight or tomorrow.

I spend a lot of my doodles on random characters that I never think about again. This guy has pointy ears and dragon wings. I don't know why, it's more interesting looking, I suppose? Somehow this has less desperation and interest than the doodles I draw on the back of my schedules at work... I started colouring his hair but then I didn't like it so I made the layer invisible.

Somewhere around 10-12 minutes. (Including the abandoned colouring.)

EDIT: A second "page" of doodles - this time I started with the star on the left, which turned into the Stationary Witch's wand... Because I wrote "ballpoint pen time!" to celebrate the change in brush. The girl was second last, followed by the campfire - because she was thinking about fire (I'm nearly always drawing fire). This has a closer feel to the doodles I draw at work.

Something like 16 minutes (according to my streak post)... But it felt like less.