Submissions from 2015-05-24 to 2015-05-25 (5 total)

I have the parser nearly working! It should be running correctly now except for one detail: currently, the identifiers (names) for the systems will halt parsing as a failure instead of storing them for later resolution. They should basically act like variables in a programming language, but I haven't implemented the storage for them yet. Once they are de-referencing correctly, stage 1 of writing the parser in Haxe will be complete. I will be fully caught up with what I have in Scala, and can begin adding the rest of the mech building rules to the engine.

The Readers is now called oku.

So I started a little and simple game with game maker to use my prototyping stuff.

Don't know why but I find Unity easier to take care of gravity and collisions... Maybe I'm just sleepy...

And so actually I have a little level with my "player" who do nothing. :x

Well, I'll continue it tomorrow so that he can move. :)

I'll try to make it in a week for the One Game a Week streak. :D

On Saturday I made this game in <7 hours at Berlin Mini Jam and on Sunday I fixed scaling on Android and made it a bit easier. On Desktop you'll need LÖVE to play. Music used from my music streak entry.

PSA: don't let your cat explode!


A submission for Make games. 120

I don't have much motivation at all today. I'll be moving to a pretty sweet loft at the end of the week, so it's boxes boxes boxes.

I did an asset swap so as to not be stealing someone else's work (I paid for Kenney's assets).