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I have the parser nearly working! It should be running correctly now except for one detail: currently, the identifiers (names) for the systems will halt parsing as a failure instead of storing them for later resolution. They should basically act like variables in a programming language, but I haven't implemented the storage for them yet. Once they are de-referencing correctly, stage 1 of writing the parser in Haxe will be complete. I will be fully caught up with what I have in Scala, and can begin adding the rest of the mech building rules to the engine.

So I've been working on a tool for building mechs in a tabletop rpg called Mekton Zeta. I have an "alpha" version working in Java/Scala, but as I've taken a liking to Haxe and it's portability, I'm attempting to port my code before continuing forward. For everyone eagerly awaiting updates for Mecha Gunbuster Squad, it's on hold for bit. Though hopefully I can find someone to cover the art side of things, since I don't find it very motivating to stare at a bunch of place-holding squares. Anyway, I may elaborate on what the tool does and how it works later, but for now I'm going to bed.