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A short animation in pixel art made on a whim. The second image is the last frame.

Not so much but I will start sketching again, not every days as before but a few sketches per week.

Forgot to post the little update on the spearman + some animations in work in progress.

Working on that during the week but as I'm sick I'm not so motivated or in a good condition to really work on it.

Don't really know what it is, thinking about a ravine or something like that while making it. ^^'

I suck at drawing clothes...hairstyles too. :D

Only sketches to try some "clothes".

Minor changes on the hairstyles, I will think about some clothes now.

Trying hairstyles after some work on the shadows.

Nine minutes are really shorts, I missed the previous streak by ~30 seconds when thinking having 5 minutes...

So I continued my previous drawing, testing some shadows.

It's not finished and some parts looks strange.

Wanted to send something this morning (french morning, the streak finish actually around 14h here :) ), but I was a bit unwell so I wanted to wait a bit before drawing because not so motivated. :/

It's not "finished" even if I wanted to draw some sketches at first.

Another problem with my drivers, so annoying... Need to check where it comes.

Not the time to reboot or reinstall the drivers, and so I made this little drawing to show my feelings about it. XD

Continue my painting with some changes on the girl and trying something for the bag.

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