Submissions from 2015-05-23 to 2015-05-24 (7 total)

Warning: I only added sounds, I did not make the rest of the game.!

I played around with a beautiful FPS mechanics Blender game prototype and added sounds. Didn't manage to add normal walking speed sounds though and it's a bit buggy (you can make the walk sounds loop while jumping/falling it seems).

After my sound additions:

Before my sound additions:


A really small update. =/

Hope I will find some time tomorrow.

Feels like stuff is finally falling into place! The game is already kinda playable which is amazing <3

Getting into the story a bit now :)

I finally managed to get my texturing system to work from a top-left coordinate system, which is trickier than it should be. I'm now able to load map files from my Resources folder! Just gotta be able to save, now.

A submission for Make games. 119

  • New theme
  • Options window
  • More work on packaging
  • On start, program creates a directory in user files to store stuff
  • Defaults to putting the game database in that user files directory
  • Possible to change the paths to the shared game database, the local game database, and the accounts file
  • Have to restart for the path changes to take effect (restart automatically? it's kind of a dangerous operation to change this)
  • Really need to ask the user on first run where to store the databases to make it clear where they are, so they can back it up, make sure it is synced in their drop box, or whatever. Since I am not running a server and having people trust me to keep their data safe, I need to make it more clear that it is both their freedom and responsibility to do so :)

I've been writing unit tests while I wait for a response from the parsing library creator about my issue. Currently, I have implemented around 65 properties for various mecha components, and there will need to be 2-3 tests for each. Eventually, I will need to add tests for roughly 10-15 mecha systems, the 7 servos which house all mecha systems, and a number of tests for the special cases like propulsion systems and transformations. All in all, a couple hundred tests to ensure everything is working at a basic level. Not very exciting, but definitely worthwhile when I need to change something, and a test can tell me immediately if I broke some core functionality.

Also, here's an example of what the mark-up language looks like so far (it's just a text file). It's based off the original Gundam. Equal signs are essentially double-slash comments, anything after them on a line is ignored by the parser.

RX-78-2 Gundam.mtz1kb