Submissions from 2015-05-20 to 2015-05-21 (8 total)

A submission for Make games. 116


  • Took the dict for I created before for storing game source types and serialized to the game database - this seemed like the right place for that data to live
  • Also create deafault source types on load for when user has not added any yet. Will load in deafault data, but override with user settings
  • Combined the game details panel with the game edit panel. Just click a game, edit a field, and save. Also cleaned up the layout of the detail panel a bit to use the space better
  • Made game rows on the list expandable vertically. Long titles rather than being cut off just extend the row a bit. You lose uniformity, but I think its worth it. Minimum size for the app is down to 920x660 which is a pretty big savings. (it was over 1080 pixels wide before) I'm proud of my use of space, though surely some might find it cluttered.
  • Ran it on a mac again and had to fix one hardcoded path to the steam user directory (before the user sets this as a config option); other than that no changes needed!

I'm pretty confident to have a releaseable candidate in a week or less. There are only a few remaining important tasks:

  • Find a better name and make an icon that fits. I'm leaning toward something "slush pile" related. Slushie?
  • First start configuration allowing you to set up where the database files should be stored
  • Basic editing of source information in game details. Right now it shows the icon but not the steam id for example.
  • Copious help text and hover text

So I've been working on a tool for building mechs in a tabletop rpg called Mekton Zeta. I have an "alpha" version working in Java/Scala, but as I've taken a liking to Haxe and it's portability, I'm attempting to port my code before continuing forward. For everyone eagerly awaiting updates for Mecha Gunbuster Squad, it's on hold for bit. Though hopefully I can find someone to cover the art side of things, since I don't find it very motivating to stare at a bunch of place-holding squares. Anyway, I may elaborate on what the tool does and how it works later, but for now I'm going to bed.

I implemented zooming and a rough version of panning (minor bug in that, as you can see below).

A submission for Make games. 116

So I did work yesterday, and I'll request a late submission link, I did a bunch of debugging to sort out why I had broke my game, and found a small issue in the engine I use (fixed now) that had caused big, hard to find damage in my game.

Today I refactored the players collision component into something that all complex moving entities can use, with no reliance on other player code:D

A submission for Make games. 116

Improved the collision of bullets vs enemies.

Did a bit of redecorating. The futon's still bugging me. I'll see what I can do about that.

About my #PDJam entry, a Twine game based on "The Double" (Dostoyevsky):

- Completed 1/3 of the writing (1st draft)

- I realized I wanted to do 3 things:

*A same scene can be altered by your madness rate;

*Scenes can be played in any order you want with different conclusions;

*All scenes appear on a same page and expand as you make choices.

Between variables and functions, I haven't come out with a solution to make this work yet. That's my next step.

So I continue my prototype stuff for 2D games.

I forgot that pixel art is not too much different with little details. So I think I will remove some similar stuff as it is not really usefull.

I try to make a little level in Game Maker to see how it renders. It's not so bad I think. :D