Submissions from 2015-05-17 to 2015-05-18 (7 total)

A submission for Make games. 113

Pretty bleh day myself. Played with hashes for game id's in the json file, better in some ways and worse in others. Not as close as I thought to the end of data. Still close.

So yeah, missed a post for no real reason, felt kinda "bleh" about it all day. I haven't made much progress on my game all week, and this is just icing on the cake. My interest in MGS has waned a lot since I started, and I'm trying to determine if I want to continue or move on to something else. Maybe I'll just take a break for awhile... :\

Next character, so far unanimated.

I added the ability to pick from a palette and to swap the image of tiles that are already placed. Checkout my terrible attempt at drawing Pacman below.

Disclaimer: I'm using art from Mutant Gangland, made by Thomas Noppers. It's JUST FOR PRACTICE and I'm NOT SELLING IT. Yeah.

A submission for Make games. 113

Player now takes damage from enemies attacks:

Still no luck with the gameboy yet. I’m super tired but I’m coming back home tomorow so that should ease things up a bit.

Even though I have a more important project on the run, I’ll probably continue to fiddle with it, I’m really not used to low-level programming and want to learn more about it.

So. This character's design has changed so much, I've decided to switch her to a different game in my queue.