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The conversation json now includes the ability to add interrupts on a line. The interrupts can jump to a different set of lines, or show a menu of items for the player to choose. And he can be quite sassy if he wants to! It also supports jumping to a specific line if the player doesn't answer within a limited timeframe, similar to the telltale games.

It was surprisingly easy to add too. The biggest difficulty was repurposing the radial menus I had and giving their control over to the conversations. I ended up using the same menu instance that is used for other actions in the game, just making sure to reset its state at the end.

What could possibly go wrong? I'm at the stage where most things are pretty easy to add, but it's also easy to get some spaghetti code that wont scale later. I'm sure I will have to schedule one of these days for refactoring.

Spent some time rearranging some scripts first, then tackled a very basic pathfinding method to get to the proper location while following the tiles in between. That's all I've got time for tonight!

Slept most of the day away after class/work. Doodled a little headshot from a game. (Will flip later!)

Quick name change of the game due to poor research on my part :D

I'm just gonna call it Cropped for now. But more on rules.

Currently the last few playthroughs I've done have yielded fairly even results.

Even as in each players scores are even. So the game feels just like you are laying down cards and then sometimes getting to pick them up.

My guess currently is that for a 2 player game the changing of the when you can plant and when you can harvest is too even. As it is I've played with throwing out points when the same season gets played or extending the season allowing you to plant more before a harvest time is triggered. Both seem to feel the same. Theres not very much tension in it.

So changing seasons per turn feels a little too regular. I'll need to do something to make the season progress a little longer.

Ideas include leveling the season so if a higher level season comes along it allows you to plant more. If its lower level you have to replant and lose all your current seasons. I also might need to make changing seasons a between round activity instead of it being the beginning of a players turn. Therefore it's less frequent and everyone gets to play in each season.

The previous order of play was change season, harvest, plant, draw up.

I tried a variation where you harvest before you change the season which felt like it was little more playful but didn't add much variation.

i do think you should harvest plant then draw up especially if changing the season gets removed from order.

when its come to planting I think it might be nice if you there was order in which you could plant points. This should add some risk. I'm not sure if if starting high to low or low to high would work better. I suppose I'll play with that tomorrow! I imagine there is some balance between one and the other and making those points put you in direct competition for that plot of land with the other player.

Whelp I think thats it for tonight

Just tweaked the tutorial a bit and did some basic bug fixes.

So today I was gonna force myself to do game work.

That didn't work.

What I ended up doing was trying to figure out a better way of using the fsms provided in the engine I use, which personally I find are kinda weird (they are separate from the classes they act on, so normally everything would have to be ugly and public). What I did was extended the State and made it take pointers to functions, which it then runs if the state is entered/updated/left.

Instead of then starting on AI like I should have, I went back to my interpreter. Here's a thing you can play with if you're interested, I'm actually really really proud of it, so any feedback would be nice.

The key now bounces off of walls. The collision is really bad right now, so I'll be going back to it later.

I also made an animation for when a chest spawns.

Heyy everyone, my name's Alex I'm an artist who is starting off in programing. Making games is fun! :D

Managed to get this ball bouncing in Unity 3d. I was having trouble setting a bool canJump to true again after colliding with the floor. Learned about object tags in the inspector, even though I did not use it. Instead I just have a check if the ball is colliding with a gameObject named "Floor".

When you hit Space you AddForce to the rigidbody with a public variable float called jump.


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hello everyone! made some progress with my physics platformer today :D

i made a player, a simple map, and a spawn tile and a box tile (moveable)

Hey, sorry for not uploading anything in the past 4 days. But now I'm back. In the last couple days I've made new levels, optimized a lot and added a hidden secret feature, which is currently disabled, but will be enabled soon. I also submitted the current version to MiniLD #52. Have a look and have fun:

After 9 days in development, hopefully it will have been worth the wait.

Eventually I'll figure out how to get multiple clients to sync game states over a network.

We'll see how this whole streak thing goes! I threw this together in a few hours to see how the basic sword fighting pacing works, but I'm happy with it as a start. Still pleeenty more to come.