hello everyone! made some progress with my physics platformer today :D

i made a player, a simple map, and a spawn tile and a box tile (moveable)

saluk · 5 years ago

Are you gellin like magellan?

Doctory · 5 years ago

haha, well you are in luck because im started to play around with the gels i mentioned in my eariler submisson :D

alexashbyXD · 5 years ago

Sweet stuff man! Looking forward to seeing more :D

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ive realised that a physics platformer can be very, very boring. i wont be working on it anymore, sorry.

gonna add some spikes, at this point i can start getting the menu ready, some basic ui and levels

couple of bigs to fix tho, no biggie

added a bouncing gel, the player bounces on it so does the box

pretty obvious :D

no screenshot today tho :(

hello everyone! i've started making a simple physics platformer :)

one feature i would like to build around is various types of gel, like in the game portal


added a simple map manager (also the game is made using Lua and LOVE2D)

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