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Worked on an old prototype I had lying around. Might try and finish it for the 'finish your game' jam...maybe.

Just tweaked the tutorial a bit and did some basic bug fixes.

Polished up and submitted Murder with Friends to 1GAM. A fair amount of frantic coding, but what can you do. Currently trying to decide whether to continue with the project or move on. We'll see.

Didn't get much coding done yesterday, due to sickness. However, a combination of hot tea and medication put me back on track, so I finalized the combat in the game (implemented the last feature and got rid of any identifiable bugs). All I have left to do is the tutorial, and then I'll submit it to #1GAM. The tutorial is going to be a pain, because I don't really have time for anything more than a wall of text, and that's REALLY not how you should make a tutorial in a game. I'll think about a different way to implement it, but I don't want to spend a lot of time making a tutorial for a game nobody will play (a bad way of looking at it, I know, but at some point I just need to move on to my next game).

Just polished up/commented a bunch of code, some minor bug fixes, etc.

Updated Murder With Friends to include a GUI fix, various level tweaks and some last-minute bug fixes. I think I'll use 1GAM's deadline grace period to add some polish.

Just some basic bug fixes.


A submission for Code @Home 4

+ Game_Over state

+ Basic particle effects

+ Collision tweaking

Spent about an hour prototyping combat in my game (Murder with Friends). Nothing too taxing, but still productive.

Completed streaks