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Gonna have to post a no-picture update tonight. I was working with getting some A* pathfinding integrated, but was side-tracked by something non-game related. Hopefully I'll have something to show over the weekend.

Spent some time rearranging some scripts first, then tackled a very basic pathfinding method to get to the proper location while following the tiles in between. That's all I've got time for tonight!

Didn't have much time tonight to work on pathfinding (to have them walk a path across each tile to their destination), but I put in the highlighting and click to move in a straight line to the end tile. More prototyping fun :)

As my mind continues to bounce between ideas I decided to play around with making a randomized tile map with a player object that can move from tile to tile with WASD. FFT was stuck in my head today and it kept throwing the logic at me to do this, so I had to sit down and type it out. It's a nice start to having a tile-based game prototype to pull from later if I need to.