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Genre: Single Player, stealth.
Plataform: PC
Target Audience: for people who are super obssesed with their significant other and want to know how to get over it.

Hey Baby! is a game where you will control an obssesive partner that just wants to know everything about his boyfriend/girlfriend lives. You have the need to control every aspect of your partner life but you know its bad and you want to stop it.

In the game you will create you character, a scholar who is attached to a partner (boyfriend or girlfriend depending on your character) and a super hacker. You have hacked every device of your partner and you desperately want to know if he/she´s a cheater.

You will find hints in the phone about what you think is your partner cheating. It can be a place, a name, a thing, etc. You have to explore the High school to find more about the hint that you think is your partner cheating you.

As you go without finding anything about it, you will start to lose sanity. It's a red bar that will be up in the corner filled up and if its gets to 0 your character will rage and start destrying everything that touches.

When the day ends a compilation of everything you made in the day will show up, with all your spy attempts, hacks and rage,s and will display some advices that will help you to be a better boyfriend/girlfriend.
Also everyday your own consciousness will tell you that being suspicious of your partner is bad for the relationship.

W,A,S,D to move
Space to jump
Mouse to move the camera
SHIFT to run
CTRL to crouch
E to make an action
Right mouse button to bring out your smartphone
Left mouse button to attack
(or to shoot lasers when in rage)




Audience: 18+, action lovers
Platform: Xbox One
Genre: Action
Game Description: Set in a post-apocalyptic world, in a country named New America in the year 2169, the world has been mostly destroyed by monsters known as the Soul Titans. A team of soldiers known as Titan Busters was created to kill Titans using "Busters", weapons made from Titan cells. Those who specialize in exterminating Titans are known as Bulwarks. Their Busters were originally giant swords with special powers, however a new type was discovered that can transform between a sword and a gun. They are called Advanced Busters. Your role in this game is Bobby Diamond, a rookie Bulwark that has joined the Titan Busters to avenge his father, who was killed by a Soul Titan. You must kill all the Titans and make the world a better place again.
Controls: This game is played on Xbox One so it used an Xbox Controller.
Right joystick: move around
Left joystick: camera controls
A: jump
X: light attack
Y: strong attack
B: block
R1: Shoot gun
L1: aim gun
R2: special attack
L2: no use
D-Pad Left and Right: cycle weapon mode
D-Pad-up: taunt Titans
D-Pad Down: call teammates
Select: Open inventory
Start: pause


Audience: +12. For people who like aquatic games and adventure
Genre: Adventure, action
Platform: Nintendo switch
Mode: Single Player, 3d.

The aquatic population of mermaids feel concerned and puzzled by the disappearance of one of its members. According to the hypotheses, Jana, the missing one, was hunted by sailors who felt chocked by the strangeness of her beauty and her fish tale.

The objective of this game is to find the legendary wizard of the oceans to convert the fish tale into one pair of legs and get a map instructions on how to find Jana.

The game consists of three stages. The first stage consist of a beautiful 3d underwater environment that includes friendly sea animals and ferocious enemies to face, an interactive map will appear at the bottom of the screen that will lead to the witch’s cave. But don’t worry, there will appear items between the rocks, marine algae and across the floor such as poisonous blades, old fishnets, and tranquilizing darts left by explorers that will be used to attack the monsters.

Each monster will have a level of life of 50percent and each item will have 15 - 25 percent of damage depending on the weapon or item. Also, The player will explore all the shortcuts and little caves until finding the right one. The more items you collect, the more possibility of survival. Once picked , they will appear on the items bar and will be ready to use for each monster. The old fishnets could be used to paralyze the animal. For instance the white shark.

After reaching the correct cave, the witch will provide the rescuer a map of the kingdom of Persea and a magic potion to change the tale into legs. But in exchange, the rescuer should bring her gold and diamonds from the Palace. If not, the witch will automatically sentence their death along with Jana at the end of the game.

After completing their first mission, travel towards the surface of the ocean and wait for a ship. After reaching the coast, they should walk around the kingdom. Once she enter the castle, the player have the freedom to explore the castle until finding the treasure and jana in one of the bedrooms. Sometimes the character must run and hide from the guards inside or behind shiny objects such as closets, lockers, beds, curtains, and bedrooms.

The remote control offer the options of running, bending, jumping, moving back, forward, left right , pick up items, and attack . If she is seen by one of the guards, you will lose the level automatically and start the stage again.

On each stage, you'll have 5 lives.


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Dark Realm

Audience: players who like to have a challenge, blood and gory.

Platform: PC, PS4 and XBox one

Game Description: in this game the player controls a character that has descended to the dark realm in search of power and glory, throughout the game you have to fight hordes of fiends to keep winning fame and level up your character, you use fame points to trade for weapons and armour equipment. The dark realm is a void like world, alternate to ours where through dark sorcery the player is transported to it.

The Dark Realm is separated by levels, the players has to hit certain level caps to be able to advance to different stages and levels, since the game is an mmorpg the player can party up and join other players in different missions and boss raids.

There are different classes, warriors, rangers, mages, brawlers and rogues. Each class has different kinds of weapons to them and general equipment can be worn, some of which are special to each class, boasting the characteristic skills to it. The character creation lets the player choose the class they want, each class has subclasses while you level up and reach certain stages of the game.

The music in the game is active to what is happening in the game, if the game is having an active fight then the tone and the Ruthin of the music changes and adapts to the moment.

Audience: players who like challenges and survival

Platform: PC,

Price: ??

Its 10th of January, around 10 pm a light and pleasingly warm wind passes by the window, usually by this time the weather is cold, but not this time, i look outside the window to notice how the sky has turned in to an orange hue.

I had no idea the reason of why the sky was this colour.

The TV turn itself on, on max volume, a warning sign all over the screen, at first i thought my son could be making a bad taste prank, so i ran upstairs angry and ready to scream, when i opened the door my 16 years old son was at sleep, i woke him up immediately that i realised this wasn't a joke.

I said to him - “Get your things ready, we leave in 10 ” .

In that instance our neighbour ran in to our house and told us to not go outside, and to lock all the windows and doors, in fact he told us to put some of the Hurricane wood protectors to the windows.

In that instance i didn't quite understood the real nightmare that we were about to face.

11 PM, we didn't leave the house that night our neighbour also stayed with us.

1:30 AM, The TV signal went off also the house internet. I only had my Phone signal.

In that moment i started to panic. Meanwhile outside very weird sounds where coming, the sounds that we were hearing were like the ones that a Wolf or dog does when they are fighting for food.

In that instance out neighbour, Carl told us - “ SILENCE !”, we immediately shut, Carl told us that they are looking to get inside the house, we didn't knew how they were.

This game is the demo of a grater project that will be announced later. in this demo you will have to survive the night as our protagonist, an average guy age 34 with the duty of protecting his son from this horrible creatures, that will hunt you down.

The main story of the game is to find and kill any of this monsters that have gotten inside the house.

Carl, for some reason he knows how to kill this creature, Wood, a special wood that has been treated with a specific ritual, Carl brought some of this wood stick over the house, this doesn't mean the weapons like guns won't work but this monsters can regenerate at an incredible speed.

The monsters only move at night, due to the UV rays from the sun. The monsters are also weak to this lights.
You will survive the night and save your son from one of this monsters that somehow managed to get inside the house.

third person based game, No time in the game, is an open world like game, you have the option to collect weapons or just use the stick.

Music in the game is simple and realistic, no background music. only wind and the conversations that you will have thru the game.

Pintas Clicker
Genero: Idle/Clicker
Plataforma: Mobile
Audiencia: amantes de la cerveza
Descripción del juego:

En este juego, eres dueño del Bar Sito (pronunciado Barsito). Comienzas con un local pequeño, con tan solo 2 mesas, la barra y tan solo 3 cervezas diferentes para servir. El punto de este juego es hacer crecer tu bar, conseguir un local más grande, conseguir nuevos tipos de cerveza y llegar a ser el mejor bar de todos. Para lograr eso, tienes que hacer clic en la pantalla muchas veces, cada clic te dara mas dinero, y asi podras hacerle mejoras a tu bar. Las mejoras también subiran sus costos, la más alta de ellas sera para conseguir todas las cervezas del mundo, tener el local más grande, bonito y con el mejor servicio posible. Esa última mejora no será fácil, cuando tengas suficiente dinero, se te dará la opción de transcender, o sea empezar todo desde cero, pero recibes una gran cantidad de bonos para ganar dinero mas rápido, y poder transcender cuantas veces quieras hasta llegar a la cima.
Controles: los controles de este juego son simples, solo tienes que hacer clic en la pantalla para ganar dinero, y presionar en la opción de mejoras para comprar mejoras para el bar

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Género: Tap, 3-D.
Plataforma: Mobile.
Audiencia: para personas que les guste la música rápida combinada con juegos de colores (puede afectar a personas con esquizofrenia)

COLORZ es un juego rápido que combina el típico juego de plataforma con movidas canciones y luces que van al ritmo de estas.

En COLORZ moveremos a una bola metálica en 3 carriles principales que estarán en la pantalla. Mientras nos movamos en los carriles debemos saltar obstáculos que saldrán del carril que estemos porque si los tocamos perderemos.

Para mover la bola utilizaremos los dedos para movernos hacia la izquierda o derecha de los carriles y moveremos hacia arriba para saltar los obstáculos que nos vayan saliendo en el carril (también podemos utilizar el giroscopio).

El juego es simple, mientras mas tiempo estés en el carril correcto de la canción ganaras mas puntos que te otorgaran estrellas. El objetivo es sobrepasar el puntaje mínimo de cada canción (una estrella) para poder avanzar a la siguiente canción.

Mientras juguemos bien el juego nos ira dando puntaje extra por realizar movimientos rápidos y combos que podremos desbloquear con rachas de puntos.
Ademas la pantalla se ira poniendo mas rápida y colorida a medida vayamos con mejor puntaje lo que hará que la música se acelere rápidamente y por ende los carriles avanzaran mas rápido.

Para poder jugar una canción se utilizaran vidas, que se nos recargaran con el tiempo pero también podremos pedir vidas a amigos o ver anuncios para conseguir vidas gratis.

Las canciones del juego irán desde Rock, Electronica, Hip-Hop, Metal, Pop hasta Reggae, Salsa, etc. La música serán canciones iconicas de todas las eras.
También habrá un modo donde podremos jugar canciones que descarguemos.


Plataforma: Mobile


Audiencia: Para personas mayores de 19 años. Especialmente enfocado en las personas que les guste el tema de horror.

Precio; Gratis

Este juego es un poco diferente a los demás juegos, ya que este juego es solamente basado en sonidos, Tu debes jugar el juego con audífonos para poder disfrutar al máximo del juego.

Tu misión, simple tienes que encontrar mediante tus capacidades auditivas de donde proviene el ruido pedido al principio del nivel.

El juego tiene mecánicas muy simples, tu telefono tendra la pantalla apagada. Solo se usarán los sonidos para poder jugar el juego, en cada nivel se le pedirá al jugador de encontrar un sonido en particular en el medio de muchos sonidos, como por ejemplo al jugador se le podrá pedir de encontrar el sonido de un columpio en medio de una tormenta.

Cómo hará el jugador para encontrar el columpio ? simple, con el sonido el objetivo del juego es hacer más sensible el oído del jugador mediante ejercicios que se harán más difíciles cada vez que el jugador pase al siguiente nivel.

Los sonidos que habrán en el juego serán espeluznantes, es decir causan miedo,
por ejemplo podemos estar escuchando un piano tocar en el medio del salón, el juego contará con sonido 3D.

El jugador al final de la música tendrá que escoger de qué dirección venía el sonido, Delante, Atrás, Izquierda, Derecha.

Part Timer
Audiencia: aficionados de los minijuegos y juegos como simuladores.
Plataforma: iOS y Android.
Género: Arcade, minijuegos.

Descripción de Juego: En este juego, controlas a un personaje (hombre o mujer dependiendo de la elección del jugador), en sus 23 años recién graduado/a de administrador de empresas, ya que todo el mundo se esta graduando de administrador de empresas, es casi imposible encontrar un trabajo de entrada en la industria, con miles de dólares en deuda, decides tomar varios trabajos como part timer para pagar tu deuda y poder sobrevivir.

En el juego, el personaje tiene un apartamento, el cual tiene las comodidades mas básicas y esenciales (baño, cocina y cama) el trabajo del jugador es utilizar los recursos a manos del personaje para sobrevivir, mediante trabajos de medio tiempo para poder ganar dinero, comprar y cocinar comida para mantener al personaje con suficientes energías, al igual que bañarse y dormir. Cada trabajo funciona como minijuegos, los cuales le otorgan una cantidad de dinero mínima definida por el tipo de trabajo, la cual puede incrementar dependiendo la calidad del trabajo, si le toca tomar fotos y las fotos no son perfectas, el personaje ganara el monto acordado previamente, pero si las fotos son excelentes, el jugador tendrá un bono.

Con el dinero ganado, el jugador puede elegir como gastar su dinero, al mes tiene que pagar una cantidad mínima de la deuda o pagar un poco más para bajar la cantidad mínima por mes y la renta del apartamento, el resto puede gastarse en alimentos para el personaje y cosméticos para el personaje y el apartamento

El juego esta diseñado con graficas 32 bits, con el estilo de juegos de la era del Super Nintendo, el apartamento tiene un top down view y el personaje puede moverse libremente por él. La música del juego esta conectada a una lista de Spotify, con varios tipos de música de la época moderna, la cual puede ser sustituida por el jugador por cualquier lista que este desee.

Género: Estrategia, Educativo
Audiencia: Para las personas que les gusta jugar juegos educativos y para los que necesiten mejorar su memoria.
Modo: SinglePlayer, Multiplayer
Precio: 1.99
Plataforma: Android, iOS

Este juego te va a mejorar la memoria en un instante. El juego es como un rompecabezas donde tienes que armar piezas en forma de figuras geométricas. Cada elemento que tengas que armar por ejemplo una mano, o una puerta tendrá un aproximado de tiempo dependiendo de cual complejo sea y vendran varias formas para armar.

En el juego en línea puedes competir con cualquier jugador aleatorio y el que arme mas rápido las piezas es el ganador. Puedes competir hasta con 3 usuarios diferentes donde saldrá su nombre y su país de origen.

En total viene 20 niveles osea con figuras geométricas para armar. El que termina mas rápido es el ganador. Vienen en de varios colores. Hay que armar exactamente como muestra la imagen. La imagen que hay que armar viene en un cuadro en la esquina derecha inferior y dentro de la imágen vienen las siluetas transparentes de cada figura geométrica que es correspondida en ese lugar o posición. Y en la esquina derecha vienen los nombres de los usuarios juinto con el país y el lugar que pertenece.

En la esquina superior derecha, viene dos pequeños cuadros que es donde los jugadores están jugando. Puedes ver lo que están haciendo pero el punto es terminar mas rápido que ellos. Por cada nivel que pases ganarás 50 puntos y esos puntos son para poder jugar otro juego gratis del mismo desarrollador grátis. Para poder costearse otro juego en total tienes que tener 10 mil puntos y te saldrá un código. Solo aplica para un juego.

Genre: 3rd person shooter, Survival, Action
Platform: PC
Target Audience: mature, for those who like action/survival games with the feeling of being in an apocalyptic world.

The heat world is a shooter/survival game that confronts you in a world that has been affected by radiation that was caused by climate change. In the game you will control Steve in a quest to make it out alive in an overheated world trying to survive the most days you can and finding a solution for the heat that is destroying the entire world.

The camera of the game is in third person and the HUD has an HP bar, a heat control, a food and a water meter, a map, a mission log and your ammo counter.
You will control Steve with:
W, A, S, D
Right click to aim
Left click to attack or fire the gun
SHIFT to run
CTRL to crouch
Space to jump
F to grab an object
E to reload
Num1-9 to select current item

In the game you will start with your backpack filled with a pistol, a full charge of ammo, an axe, a heat-resistant umbrella and some food and water. Ammo is scarce so you have to be carefull with your rounds.

You will collect and craft objects to help you survive. Almost everything in the game is collectable so make sure to explore different objects to craft different things and expand your craft combination.

You will die if your HP bar gets to 0. If your water or food meter drop to 0 your HP bar will empty and you will die of starvation. Also if your heat meter gets overheated you will die so you have to always be careful with your heat meter.
Your umbrella will protect you from UV rays but it will not last forever. You can later upgrade with heat resistant clothes too.


Picture of the game:

Road Trip of Dreams

Audience: Adventure lovers, car enthusiasts and story driven games.

Platform: PC

Genre: Point and click adventure game.

Game Description: This game is a point and click adventure, where you control four friends that decide to move to Los Angeles to pursuit their dreams. The four friends are John, a 23 year old sound engineer and bass player that wants to live his dream of making his own rock band; Lucy a 22 year old writer, that wants to write for tv shows and sitcoms; Adrian a 25 year old actor that wants to star in a Hollywood movie and Bella a 25 year old an environmental engineer that wants to take a shot at fixing the Californian droughts.

All four of them head out from New York to Los Angeles and it’s the players choice, which routes and what decisions they take along their trip, the outcome of the road trip depends on the decisions taken. They drive a 2004 Range Rover they all bought with the purpose of the road trip. The game starts in New York and it ends in LA but the road trip can take from any cities in between and the ending can change completely depending on the decisions taken, even though it has a same destination, not all characters might make it, for one reason or another or not all characters might become successful once they get there.

Since it’s a point and click game, the controls are very simple, it all comes down to where the player clicks and what kind of clues it can take from the clicking and the dialogue in the game.

The music in the game is specifically curated cruising and road trip related songs, mostly from American rock bands, the soundtrack for the game can be found on Spotify, as a public playlist, if players so desire, they can link their Spotify accounts and play their own playlist from there.

Audience: +15, for the people who like terror and mystery tales or horror on videogames.
Platform: Nintendo Switch and PS4
Genre: Suspence, Adventure, Action.
Mode: Single Player, Multiplayer.

In a small town in the south of Ireland, five children disappeared one month ago. Rescuers and collaborators have done the impossible to find them, but it has been in vain.

A group of three Panamanian explorers, Jose, María and Juan, have gone deep into the forest looking for a place to study the biology of the ecosystem. María, the most observer, realizes that there´s a huge mark of a pentagram on a huge stone. Then, she takes a picture of it with her camera and begins questioning herself about that weird symbol.

When they arrive at a small village, the three explorers notice that their inhabitants act very suspicious and very silent. At a bar, Juan asks the owner about the strange behaviour of the people. Joseph, the owner, tells him that three months ago, five children disappeared without leaving tracks. And also, the people suspect that the children´s disappearance has something to do with the legend of the hermit women. It is thought that those women are witches.

Later on, María shows Joseph the picture taken of that weird mark from the big stone.

  • Joseph: Maybe that symbol has to do with the disappearance of children.
    -María: It could be right!
    -María:! Guys, since we are explorers, we can also help with the search of the children! Why not?
    -Juan: It can be dangerous! The legend says that those women are witches. No way!
    -Joseph: According to the title, you have to go through the cursed forest where they "supposedly" lived.
  • Jose: No way!
    -María: I´m going!

John, the owner of the bar, provides one of the explorers, the bravest, the necessary tools and weapons to search the children.

The objective of the game is to go through the forest following the clues (the weird marks) that will appear in any place or thing that could lead to the children.

During the journey, the character has to kill all the witches while rescuing the children so that the population remain calm. Finally, destroy and burn all the witches' belongings where they perform the pagan ritual.


Before beginning the journey, there will be a short video about the beginning of the trama. You decide to skip or watch it.

The six children are lost in different places around the forest. For instance, in places like a cave, an isolated cabin, a tunnel and maybe tied in trees. Furthermore, the player has to prevent the character from being seen by any witch, or if not you´ll lose the game automatically because the other ones will also come after you. And also, she has to kill the other ones reunited in circle worshiping a strange statue near a sacred tree.

The player has to be aware of the weird symbols that will appear anywhere like on the ground, trees or rocks, that can guide the character towards each child.

The hardest part of the game is finding the youngest girl of 5 years old, where she´s tied in a sacred tree behind the witch ceremony. If María is seen by witches, she will have to run until they lose her track. It is advisable to leave the children in a safe place or at a specific spot while rescuing the other ones to complete the last mission. The children won´t be a nuisance since they will follow the main character without making any noise).

If you want to kill a witch, you can deviate to the other one by throwing stones in another direction or by whistling to attract the other one and bring her far.

The only weapons that are provided is a crossbow with endless bows, a rope and a knife and the other items such as water bottles, some medicines and a first aid box. If you see a wounded, very weak or sick child, give him/her a water bottle, medicines or the first aid kit. When should you use them? The water drop symbol will appear over each child. Also, if someone is injured, a question mark will appear, and if someone is sick, the first aid symbol will appear on top of them.

The player will only have 5 lives after rescuing each child, and throughout the game, the character could find other things on the floor such as ropes, and weird books. There is also a rounded map with red moving dots that indicate the enemy´s distance. And also, if you want, you can deactivate the map and the compass to have a more satisfying game but with risks.

In the multiplayer mode, the number of children to find will increase and you can use the other two characters or one depending on how many players. María will be always the main character.

In the accessibility, there´s the option to remove blood from the game while killing each witch in the settings. For instance, there are three options which are No Blood, Moderated Blood and Shower of Blood (Gore Mode). Moreover, the gamer has the opportunity to set the screen in black and white, and to set the sharpness of the screen or contrast the colours in the percentage bars. And Finally, In the sound option, you can put both the soundtrack and sound effect, deactivate both or deactivate one and activate the other one. You Decide.


Left stick to move and walk
A to run
Y to jump
B to hide, kneel or crawl.
X to attack
To aim with the weapon press X and the left stick.
To interact with objects(the books), press


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Strategy, Adventure
Ages 12 and up, ment for the strategy game lovers.
price: ??

This game is meant to challenge even the most caple people, this strategy game is like no other, Simple, Straight to the point and almost impossible to “run true”
The game has been developed with excellent mathematicians, which gives this game the perfect feel and challenge, thanks to the help of this people the game has an algorithm that changes the objective every time the player decides to start a new level.

This algorithm will adapt to the player, in the sense that the more capable the player is the more difficult the challenge it will face.

The objective of the game is to beat the system by wining to the computer* in this case the phone, the player will arrive to the final level and it will need to face the computer to be able to finish the game.

The player will be thought how to play the game, in the tutorials of each map, the game will have different areas that will require the player to know before continue.

The game is a Turn based game, the player needs to find the leak of information in “Confidential files” that the player will need to read and figure out where is the leak of information, which is going to ge in code, for instance in the paper there might be a word down wards that says “C H I C K E N ” and the player will need to underline this word.

Once the player knows what it the word hidden and underlined the player has won the level.

there's no time limit.

Gender: Horror, Suspense, Core
Platform: Playstation 4
Audience: For over 18 years, who likes horror.

History of the game:
It is based on the story of a devilish woman who lives in a house all abandoned inside the forest of the darkest swamps of Mississippi.
It all starts that you are a young man, called "Karl", who will inspect and find out what is inside the story of the black widow, the more you go into the dark swamp.
You will go with four companions of the town called Ana, Nicol, Mathew and Douglas, you will find many strange things, like people demonized by the black widow, with strange shapes in their face of total terror!

Game Description:
You will only use a weapon and a flashlight in case you are in total darkness, be very careful when encountering demonized people, you can hide yourself by means of shrubs, objects so that they do not see you. The objective is to find the black widow and face it, your companions will live it from the worst, use your weapon when necessary and do not waste the bullets because it is totally limited.

Cursor buttons: to change objects and use them.
Joystick L: to move from right and left, forward or backward.
X: to jump
Square: to bend over
Circle: to interact with people.
Triangle: to grab and load the weapon.
R2: to shoot the weapon.
L2: to use the flashlight.
Joystick R: to fix.

For the music, I’m thinking something like this:

Modo : Online
Audiencia: Mature, +15, para los amantes de los juegos de misterio, horror y paranormal,
Género: RPG, Suspenso, Aventura, Acción y Horror
Plataforma: Nintendo Switch, PS4

Es un juego en línea que te permite competir contra otros jugadores del mundo. Además, el escenario es en un mundo abierto adaptado al suspenso en 3D que consta de cinco lugares y en cada lugar se encuentran niños perdidos. El total de niños perdidos llega hasta 40.

El objetivo del juego es rescatar a cada niño como puedas manteniendolo a salvo. El grupo que mas niños rescate obtendrá un total de 70 monedas y por cada niño que cada miembro del grupo rescate, el usuario obtendrá 30 monedas de bonus.

Antes de comenzar a jugar en línea, saldrá un pequeño tutorial interactivo en el menú donde al realizar cualquier acción como por ejemplo atacar , saltar, o apuntar con un arma, saldrán subtítulos de como realizar cada una de ellas. Los puedes desactivar el tutorial si deseas.

En cada mundo el jugador tendrá que enfrentarse con los enemigos. Y en cada servidor, el numero de usuarios llega hasta 15.

Si quieres matar a cada enemigo, puedes desviarlos tirando cosas como piedras, botellas de vidrio, latas, tijeras, ect. hacia otra dirección para poder rescatar al niño o para matar a cada enemigo. Los niños seguirán a cada personaje.

Las armas que el juego te proporcionará son un cuchillo, una pistola un machete y una linterna. Lo demás lo puedes comprar en línea como sedantes), tijeras, pistolas, municiones, katana, silenciador, crossbow, arcos, gas pimienta, ect. Además, durante el juego te puedes encontras otro tipo de armas o items como linternas, baterías, mas municiones, kit de primeros auxilios con municiones depende del mundo en que estes

Los cuatro lugares son en una granja maldita, un hospital embrujado (apareceran espectros de fantasmas pero no atacarán) , un pantano, y una feria abandonada. También, te toparás con el avatar de otros personajes del grupos contrarios pero no los puedes atacar.

Cada lugar tiene un enemigo en común. Por ejemplo, en la granja maldita hay zombies y el enemigo mas peligroso es un granjero asesino; en el pantano hay cuervos asesinos y brujas tapadas de negro; en el hospital embrujado, hay zombies de enfermeras asesinas y el asesino principal, un Y en la feria abandonada hay payasos asesinos.

El juego consta de hacer grupos de 5 usuarios con otros avatares del mismo servidor. Cada avatar del mismo grupo tiene una pequeña bandera encíma del mismo color para saber quienes son tus compañeros. Y Al presionar el avatar aparecerá un ícono de + que es el de unirse y el que recibe la propuesta puede libremente aceptar o rechazar y puedes competir solo contra los demás grupos depende de la cantidad de jugadores o como quieras. Si por maldad, ningun miembro te acepta, entonces pueder irte a otro servidor también.

Si deseas interactuar con el grupo del que estas unido, puedes usar el micrófono del Nintendo Switch. Para eso, presiona la tecla x. Y para salirse de las conversaciones por el micrófono , presiona x devuelta teniendo la opción de seguir jugando.Por último, puedes aceptar solicitudes de amistad y chatear con ellos en la mensajería del juego o en Nintendo Network.


Left stick para moverse y caminar
A para correr
Y para saltar o
B para esconderse, arrastrarse o agacharse.
X para atacar
Para apuntar con el arma presione X y el left stick.

Sound effect:

Crédito de Imagen:

Audience; All Public, for people how like challenges
Platform: Mobile
Price: Free

Simple 2.5 isometric layout game about the exploration of a recently discovered ruin at the north pool.

You will have to face multiple puzzles to escape this ruin, there are limit of time for every puzzle that you have to face, you will have the option to start the game in easy and then change it to Hard or master difficulties.

The puzzles will become more and more complex the closer you are to exit the ruin.

To finish a level you will have to drive a ball to the finish area, the game will be similar to a maze, this means that you will start from one point and then finish in other.

There is no checkpoint in this game, this means that if you fail the level at the end of the maze you will have to start from the beginning.

The UI for the game is simple you have 2 menus, one is the main menu which will give the user the : Option, continue, quit, buttons.

after pressing continue you will see : Main, free, arcade. this modes have different settings, for instance the arcade mode has the option to change colour the screen also to black out completely without warning.

The free mode is to practice the puzzles. The game will be controlled by the touch screen.
Also the music of the game will change in every puzzle, in the sense it will speed up or it will slow down, this will make the player know the difficulty of the level.


Audience: People that are actively on the move
Platform: iOS and Android
Genre: Augmented Reality
Game Description: In this game you play the character of a witch hunter, your duty is to go around the open world searching for evil witches from the Church of Night. There are several covens around the world and you have to destroy as many as you can. Your most important tool is your phone and the phones camera, which is what you will use to hunt the witches. You also have magical spells to trap them, or destroy them, or take away their powers. With every witch you get rid of you gain new powers that will help you in destroying the covens. For every coven you destroy, you get a new spell to take down witches. Once you destroy all the covens and have all the spells available in the world, you can go ahead and take on the Church of Night and the Dark Lord himself.
This game uses AR Technology with the phone camera to make everything more realistic.
The controls for this game are simple, when you find a witch, she will appear on your phone screen, and you have to select what you want to do, kill her, or trap her and take her powers away.

This is the music for the game

witch hunter.docx12kb

Busy Critters

Audience: Animal lovers and

Platform: iOS and Android

Genre: minigames, puzzle.

Game Description: This is a game where you control animals, in their natural habitats, doing work they are used to doing as part of their way of living; the game works in minigames, each minigame is set to a different kind of animal.

All gameplay is touch based, with gestures and controls depending on the kind of activity the animal performs; the dong beetle for example has to roll a ball while avoiding hitting other objects, the beaver has to move pieces of wood down a river to block the water flow, the mole has to dig through tunnels while avoiding rock formations and other hazards that may stop it on its tracks, the crocodile has to slowly creep in front of its pray drinking water, to make sure and not alert the prey; the cat has to jump through rooftops of buildings in a city while at night; just like this, there are many other animals, that the user can control in many different minigames.

The game serves a purpose of pure simple fun for anyone with some spare time, it is made to be picked up at anytime given and be played for small bursts of time, the game uses cell shaded graphics with a low polygon count, making a very simplistic and minimalistic graphics.

Music in the game is very simplistic 5 note arrangements in a scale, that vary in between the minigames, each accustomed to the kind of activity in every minigame.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sports
Platform: PS4
Target Audience: Sports and Soccer lovers. Also, people who will love to be a soccer referee
Game Description: In RFS instead on be a player or a manager in this game you will be a soccer referee you will need to go to a university and study how to be a referee also you should train your character to have stamina in all game and you should expend time in the library or at home studying the different rules in soccer.
You can modify your character as you wish you can change the skin color, hair and hair color, height and weight, etc.
The playability its very With the “Joystick” you will move your character around the referee faculty and inside the fields, with the “R2 “your character will run inside the field to follow every play, with “R1” you will stop the play inside the field, with “L1 and L2” you will take out the yellow and red card and also with the arrows you can contact the VAR to check some plays with that technology.
The scenarios in the game will be in soccer field around the world.
The Soundtrack is based on the popular game Fifa14:(
(Image credit:

Blazing Amazing

Genero: Puzzler
Plataforma: PC
Audiencia: Aquellos que le gusta un buen desafío
Descripción del juego:
En medio de un apocalipsis tecnológico, el internet dejo de existir. Descubres que hay una piedra mágica llamada la Piedra Blazer que puede conceder 1 deseo, y tu vas a encontrarla y desear que regrese el internet. Pero la piedra esta en un templo que para entrar tienes que resolver un acertijo y tu crees saber como resolverlo. Al entrar al templo, veras que hay una variedad de acertijos aun mas difíciles que el de la entrada, y solo después de haber resuelto todos, podrás conseguir la Piedra Blazer y regresarle el internet al mundo. No puedes usar nada excepto tu mente para resolver los acertijos, si usas algún objeto serás expulsado del templo y no podrás volver a entrar. ¿Estas listo para el desafío mas importante de tu vida?
Este juego solo se juega con el mouse para interactuar con tus alrededores y las teclas A, S,D,W para caminar.

esta seria la musica del juego

Genero: Aventura, RPG.
Plataforma: Playstation4
Audiencia: Para todo publico que le gusta imagenes de comics, y le gusta los juegos de aventura.
¡Ayuda a Wen y Dred en esta aventura de terror!

Descripción del juego:
Todo se basa que en la casa que vive Wen y Dred, sucede que esta maldita, por el anterior dueño del lugar hace 200 años que se llamaba Jebediah Townhouse, y que todo lo que decía o hacia estaba adelantado a su tiempo, y en esa época cualquier persona lo catalogaba como brujo, entonces Jebediah pacto con su casa fusionándose y aparecerá cada 200 años.
Los dos personajes harán como objetivo; averiguar y buscar los objetos que tendrán para contrarrestar todo lo que haga Jebediah Townhouse cuando aparezca y destruya todo el lugar donde viven los chicos, cada vez que se adentran a la casa aparecerá imágenes y trampas del ser maligno, que tendrán que evitar sino todo estará perdido.
Para poder evitar todo, tienen que encontrar las escrituras firmadas del titulo del señor Maellard y destruir esas escrituras.

L3: (Joystick) para moverte.
R3: mover la cámara.
L1: para usar la linterna.
R1: para disparar.
L2: para correr.
R2: tirar bombas.
Botón triángulo: cambiar arma.
Botón cuadrado: rellenar las municiones e interactuar con los objetos.
Botón X: para saltar e interactuar con las personas.
Botón O: agacharse.
Touch Pad: para abrir el mapa
Botón de inicio: para el menú de opciones

La música que se me ocurre para este juego.

Audiencia: Todo Público
Plataforma: Mobile & Pc
Género: 2D, Fight

El nombre lo dice, tienes que recolectar confites en halloween, ya que estamos a pocos días de ello.
Tu misión es simple, la cual será recolectar el mayor número de confites durante esta noche tan especial.

Halloween, el que recoge mayor número de confites durante ciertas horas del día será recompensado con skins exclusivas de tal competencia.

El juego está basado mayormente en un juego multijugador, el cual puede consistir de tus amigos o de otros jugadores que estén alrededor del mundo.

Lo que te dan los skins de recompensa es; Puedes recoger confites a una mayor velocidad que lo normal y además, tienes un bolso / cartucho más grande que te permitirá recoger más confites antes de tener que volver a tu base.

Gameplay: Tienes un bolso que te permite almacenar cierto número de confites antes de que tener que volver a la base principal y vaciar el bolso.

La base no tiene límite de confites, entre más mejor !

En la pantalla del celular tienes dos opciones, buscar o correr. puedes moverte libremente entre el barrio, puedes visitar las casas que quieras las veces que quieras, pero ten cuidado con los mapaches !, ellos te robaran tus confites.

Cada casa que tienes la opción de correr, la cual te hace brincar aquella casa en la cual no tienes tanta confianza para pedir mas confites.

El juego está pensado ser jugado en el celular, ya que este juego está mayormente enfocado en “Matar el tiempo”

El Juego es totalmente gratis.

Summoners Realm
Audiencia: jóvenes amantes de las aventuras y juegos de estrategia.

Plataforma: Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Género: Action, Aventura, Estrategia, JRPG.

En este juego, el personaje principal comienza siendo un mago que recluta espíritus y criaturas para pelar por él, mientras viaja a través del continente buscando convertirse en el Master Summoner, líder de la orden, y protector del continente de Akigam.

Al principio del juego, el jugador es otorgado un espíritu neutral, después de pasar por el tutorial, a partir de este momento, el jugador es capaz de empezar su aventura, donde podrá reclutar un total de 13 espíritus a medida que suba el nivel de sus habilidades. En juego está dividido en el overworld donde el personaje se mueve libremente y el modo de batalla, en donde el jugador usa una rotación de sus espíritus para combatir con otros summoners. En las batallas un summoner puede utilizar un máximo de tres espíritus al mismo tiempo, los espíritus toman turnos para poder usar sus habilidades, los espíritus tienen se diferencian por dos factores, el tipo de físico y el tipo elemental; físicos pueden ser bestias, aves, dragones, humanoides, tótem o etéreos, y por el lado elemental están; los de fuego, agua, aire, electricidad, tierra, metal, oscuro y luz; los espíritus pueden tener dos tipos de factores al mismo tiempo, por ejemplo un oso de fuego tiene tipo bestia y fuego, mientras que un ghoul puede tener un tipo humanoide y un tipo oscuro. Los tipos elementales tienen debilidades y ventajas entre ellos, mientras que los físicos definen la manera y el tipo de habilidades que tienen los espíritus, un espíritu humanoide siempre va a tener ventaja contra una bestia y un ave.

La música para este juego fue grabada en vivo por una orquestra compuesta entre flautas, clarinetes, violines, cellos, arpa, piano y percusión. Todos los ámbitos y momentos del juego fueron grabados basados en l que ocurre en el momento dado, parecido a las tiras cómicas de antes.

Precio: 10$
Plataforma: PC
Sistema Operativo: Windows, Mac OS
Modo: Single Player, 3D
Género: aventura,survivival, acción
Audiencia: +18, para las personas que se preguntan que es lo que realmente ha hecho el Sr. Juan para causar tanto alboroto.

El Sr. Juancho estando borracho empieza a besar a todos los hombres de los culecos pensando que son mujeres por la borrachera. También el se sube al escenario para arruinar el show y con su machete empieza a destruir todo el ornamento de las princesas de los carnavales y destruir las actuaciones de los eventos. La gente enojada empieza a abuchearlo.

Inconsientemente el personaje cae sobre la mesa de aperitivos y cocteles y sobre los banquetes.

En la primera parte, el personaje tiene que encontrar y robar comida para dejar de estar borracho. Encima del personaje hay una barra, pero primero tiene que encontrar un machete para poder amenazar a los vendedores para robarles comida. Entre mas coma Juan, su nivel de borrachera va descendiendo.

Hay un mapa donde indica una tienda de artículos de vaquero para después robar un machete.

El personaje puede robar aperitivos entre dulces, comidas internacionales, cosas de picar y refrescos. A las panaderías, puestos de comida y mesas. Y aunque El Sr. Juan no esté consiente de lo que hace, a este se le ocurre la idea de buscar un machete para poder amenazar a los vendedores de comida para así quitarse la borrachera de encima ya que no.

El mapa indica los posibles lugares donde puede encontrar machetes. Por ejemplo, en ventas de artículos de vaqueros.

Su nivel de borrachera está al cien porciento y hay probabilidades de que este sufra un infarto. Habrá un ícono que es de (0/100) que indica el nivel de borrachera. Las comidas internacionales (15%) los refrescos(10%) las cosas de picar(5%). Cuando el Señor love disminuya el nivel de borrachera, fín del juego.

El juego tiene 3 modos. El modo fácil, intermedio y hardcore. En el hardcore si es extremadamente Gore con mas sangre. Tu decides....
Saltar: W
Agacharse: X
Derecha, Izquierda: A,D
Correr: S
Para recoger y beber: Shift o Z
Apuntar: tecla E
Atacar o Disparar: Q
Esconderse o Abrir: Ctrl o R


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