2023 Art Goals

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Hello fellow streakers. Another year and we're still here. (Or maybe some of us are new?)

You know the drill, what are you up to this year?

Here are mine:

  • Keep drawing every day
  • Minimum 30 minutes of drawing per day
  • Do more digital painting, and pencil shading
  • Avoid lazy 30sec gestures, try to incrementally increase the amount of time spent on each draw (get it as high as possible while still being reasonable!)

Hey there!

Good, ambitious goals there.

As for me, I still have trouble imagining exactly what art and drawing is for. It's a little hard to explain. Things always click better for me when visual art is part of something larger, some design with a purpose. Thankfully, my day job is in video games, on the art side. Everything fits into a context, a purpose.

Anyway, the sketching I do here is also important and pleasurable. Just... I'd do that anyway, and the point is never really to show anyone. It does help keep me warm for doing the purpose-driven stuff, and my job.

tl;dr - dunno. Maybe time to get some concrete goals?

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i enjoy thinking of art as lifestyle. so i get creatively stuck in one medium its nice to have switch to another, completely different medium.

Good point, and yeah that is how it works for me, too. I sometimes wish I could put things together into a little more coordinated project though.

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i would think to learn getting better at putting things into a coordinated project... the only real way to learn it would be by doing just that, putting things together into a coordinated project. shia labeouf 'just do it'

Yeah, chipper, optimistic advice given in good faith. I say that to make sure it's clear I'm not mad when I say, I've heard it often ;)

There's something in the way of 'just doing it', in the way my personality is put together. Luckily I have collaborative projects enough, at work and elsewhere. Just wish to find a way to be more coherent all by myself.

Spending some time on my day off to develop a more easy to use personal website, to work as an archive/timeline of creative stuff. Maybe something will emerge?

sounds like a plan

I guess I have 2 goals, with the second one being dependent on the first:
-Finish the DrawABox course.
-Figure out what to do after DrawABox. Probably something with shading and color. But I don't know yet.

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Goal atm is specific to the technique i find myself using. want to take hand and pen off the page mid-line, and then re-place hand on page in different location and continue the existing line; making lines longer without distortion of the line. and then also just in general, get more used to adding to the existing linework on the page by removing hand from page and re-placing on page, trying out doing this more often. smallish goal, might take 20 hours dont know to get more used to.. cant rlly think of any long term goals..

gl all with goals

hello! i think my goals for this year are to draw more of my ocs & develop my personal style as well as draw more illustrations with backgrounds and landscapes

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oh cool i had no idea there was this thread here, awesome!
my big goal for the year is to build up foundations. so im gonna be trying to focus on fundamental skills! ive been drawing professionally for years now but im self taught and could really use a solid understanding of the core fundamentals

I guess I'll post some goals here may as well.

  1. 20 - 30 minutes gesture drawing each day, spending more time per drawing as I progress
  2. Focus on physical media; pencils, paint, etc. This year. Digital is fun, but I need some restraints.
  3. Read through Art Fundamentals - Theory and Practice this year

Hello! Id love to share my doodle goals and see if I can achieve it this year.

I've always had animation ideas but never got to bring them to life.
The way to do that is to learn Facial/Figure drawing and then animate it.

Goal List

  1. Draw for at least 30m+ a day
  2. Focus on Faces/Figure drawing
  3. Sprinkle in VFX doodles
  4. Create a handful of animations by the end of the year

2023 Art Club Recap:

  1. Draw for at least 30min+ a day:
    3-4 days a week = 3-10min
    2-3 days a week = 30-1hr
    1-5 times a month = 1-2hr+

  2. Focus on Faces/Figure drawing:
    Drew a bunch of hobbes, hands, eyes, and random sketches

  3. Sprinke in VFX doodle
    I should have specified how many VFX doodles i wanted to do. Drew alot of FX in June-Sept

  4. Create a handful of animations by the end of the year
    Zero animations were created. Drew a few dedicated study sheets though.

What to change for 2024:
My drawing goals will be much more focused and specific. I will avoid random 1 min doodles that serve no purpose.


Very nice