Art resources

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Lets make an art resources megathread. Reply with things and I'll add it to the list. Ideally freely available resources.



  • Chommang_drawing - Guy who makes relaxing drawing tutorials for drawing people
  • New Masters Academy - YouTube channel with timed figure drawing sessions of live models
  • Sycra - YouTube channel with tutorials, critiques, and more
  • Draw a Box - free art lessons starting from very basic concepts

Free software

  • Krita - painting tool (complex feature set, can be a little slow)
  • MyPaint - painting tool (basic feature set, but has infinite canvas and is pretty fast)
  • GIMP - image editing tool (has painting brushes)
  • AzPainter - Linux only, fast painting program similar to PaintTool SAI

Other drawing groups

Cross post your Streak club submission in these places if you want to spread the word :)

I use Quickposes when I want to practice

Also here's reference channels on youtube (it's basicly quickposes, but in video. warning: nude!) - one and two

The FZD Design Cinema is an excellent series about concept art (majority is scenes and landscapes):

And Noah Bradley has a lot of free photo references on his Gumroad:

OpenToonz and Plastic Animation Paper (old one) look like some nice free alternatives for those wanting to take a crack at animation.

Also thought this is an interesting ref site for rotoscoping animation:

Here's a couple of my favorites!

ColourLOVERS is the go-to place for great color palette inspirations! IF you have trouble with color (like myself), give it a look see!

Formally called Pixelovely, Line of Action is great for a figure drawing session. There's specifics to what you want to draw and even a time limit setup as well as whether or not you want to draw clothed models or nudes.

I forgot to post this before, so here's a repost of my list -

I use a variety of sources --

New Masters Academy on YouTube has a set of Clothed and Nude timed models to work with.

Onairvideo has its Croquis Café series on YouTube.
Pixelovely has its lovely Figure Drawing tool. It's Line Of Action now, as mentioned above.

I also own a copy of several books, such as Pose File (It's an entire series of books that have been going since the 90s, apparently) and the Art Models books on the Kindle Store.

Occasionally when those are all too boring and academic looking, I use the tumblr page of some French Naturist, though their shots tend to veer more into the pornographic/voyeur kind of territory more than I'm comfortable with.

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I thought I'd revive this thread!

genice just posted a pdf of their awesome series on composition:

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Arne's painting and pixel art tutorials are really great resources

These two artists post pixel art tutorials to Patreon, useful for other art styles too:

AzPainter and AzDrawing are light-weight art programs for Linux.

MyPaint brushes have been added to OpenToonz, but I've had a problem getting them to work.

The Bezier Game is a way to learn to use the pen tool for Illustrator/Inkscape.

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  • Lospec has a great collection of colour palettes, download formats for most software
  • Living Lines is a curated collection of production art from lots of animated TV show and movies
  • The Etherington Brothers made a whole bunch of simple one-pager tutorials on a wide range of subjects
  • Sprytile is a blender addon for making low-poly pixel textured models. Similar to the standalone program Crocotile3d
  • Krita v4.0 is out with a bunch of nice additions
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Edit: Removing post about Croquis Café. They are paid only now and the creators suck and should not be supported


Bumping this thread, put a few more resources in the main post