2024 Art Goals

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Welcome to 2024 streakers. Another year and we're still here. (Or maybe some of us are new?)

You know the drill, what are you up to this year?

Here are mine:

  • continue drawing every day
  • build up my drawing endurance: do at least one 8 hour drawing session this year. For this year I've decided that time spent drawing is more important than any other metric so I really want to avoid as many "cheat" days as possible
  • draw in sketchbook as much as possible. I started this at the end of the year, but I'd like to keep it going. Sketchbook is harder IMO (probably because I have done more digital), so I want to continue to develop that skill

Continue from where I'm at right now. I want to be able to properly draw humans. Grind out those figure drawings, figure out and internalize proportions, and piece by piece start doing some more detailed anatomy and stuff, until I'm able to do us organically shaped meat-sacks with limbs proper justice xD And I'm genuinely not sure if I'm gonna get there within the year...

Currently learning fundamentals. I also want to draw humans and manga.

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Last year, I primarily focused on shape studies & refining my ability to iterate on things such as Hobbes, hands, faces, poses, etc.

This year I will focus on vfx and pixel art and keep the random digital doodles to a minimum.

The goal is to have a deeper understanding of the form and color of elements.

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drawing 30 min a day

My goal is to draw art assets of my game and submit them every two days. Two days is the cut-off date, and I will tell myself that is enough. Last year, I spent weeks with the same art assets before throwing them away.