2022 Art Goals


What are you art goals for 2022?

Here are mine:

  • Keep drawing every day
  • Focus on drawing from imagination
  • Come up with a strategy for and build visual library
  • Figure out faces & heads

really good goals!

~get sick at drawing frogs
~draw more from reference (i have the opposite problem, too many lazy heads from imagination five minutes before bed)
~draw everyday, its been a couple years since i've managed that
~learn how do draw semi-interesting poses from imagination

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It's almost the end of the year, how did you do?

  • I did draw every day but hit some low points and was too lazy to submit. I need to go back through and find those dates I missed and upload...
  • I attempted to learn how to memorize a bunch of stuff but failed, I spent months drawing stupid animals and was unable to commit them to memory
  • My strategy for building a visual library went poorly
  • I don't think I made any substantial progress on faces, I might be a bit better at hands
  • I went through the entire cognitive drawing book, it took nearly half a year
  • Posemaniacs came back, so I drew a bunch of fake bodies
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my goals are pretty dramatic. this is just me NONE OF THESE goals wont be relatable

  • get severe carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel in both arms by age 50
  • get as esoteric as possible with the art through billions of iterations
  • maybe mimic nature. idk. maybe other shit

how did i do?

  • didn't draw that much relative to goals
  • didn't draw with my left hand taht much. left hand is going alright but its only bout 10% of my drawing time. idk if i even upload left hand stuff here.
  • got slightly more esoteric. im already used to making abstract art, just not visual art. always feel like im 1000 hours away from it being esoteric. idk. i could easily go another 5000 hours into drawing and not feel like i started. i want that really esoteric shit from billions of iterations

atm im doing 2d symmetry and atm i feel like i could feasibly go like say 2000 hours just in this exercise and still find new combinations. open invitation to doing 2d symmetry gang.

idk if i really planned on being stuck drawing 2d shapes. but i really enjoy it and its quick to make and i think the combinations can keep going. when i first got into art i was more interested in the destination. but now i spent so much time making art. not drawing. and im more interested in the process atm. and the process being the end goal atm. dunno i just want my art to be esoteric atm. machines bout to start making all the best abstract art so its a pretty pointless goal atm.

overall, im pretty happy with my progress this year.