Started 3 years ago (2015-02-01T12:00:00Z). Goes forever.

Keep streaking now and forever!

This streak is now a forever-streak and will never end. (used to be a 2015 art streak)

Also there's now a Weekly Art streak!

The rules are simple: Work on some art every day for as long as you can. Submit something visual that represents your effort by uploading an image or file. All art styles are allowed, there are no limitations on the medium. This streak is not a competition, it's for you to grow as an artist by giving you an excuse to practice every day.

If you're working on a multi-day piece feel free to submit progress images each day. If you do a bunch of things in one day then submit them all! You can upload multiple images per submission on Streak Club. Good luck!

If you're away from the computer and can't submit, don't worry, late submitting is enabled for this streak! Just head to the particular day by clicking it on the sidebar, and click the late submit link.

Sharing your stuff on Twitter? Use the #dailyartstreak hashtag!

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A submission for Daily Art

analogous palettes are pretty fun to work with. i need to pick up blendoku again to get some more experimental palettes

A submission for Daily Art

some bony friends

A submission for Daily Art

I don’t have a lot to add today except that not a lot of progress was made today

A submission for Daily Art

There's some image "in there" I want to find, but no luck so far.

A submission for Daily Art

quick ludum brainstorming

A submission for Daily Art

Experimenting with hairstyles but I keep liking the longer version better

A submission for Daily Art

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