Started 3 years ago (2015-02-01T12:00:00Z). Goes forever.

The rules are simple: Work on some art every day for as long as you can. Submit something visual that represents your effort by uploading an image or file. All art styles are allowed, there are no limitations on the medium. This streak is not a competition, it's for you to grow as an artist by giving you an excuse to practice every day.

If you're working on a multi-day piece feel free to submit progress images each day. If you do a bunch of things in one day then submit them all! You can upload multiple images per submission on Streak Club. Good luck!

If you're away from the computer and can't submit, don't worry, late submitting is enabled for this streak! Just head to the particular day by clicking it on the sidebar, and click the late submit link.

Sharing your stuff on Twitter? Use the #dailyartstreak hashtag!

P.S. There's also a Weekly Art streak!

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I spent the entire day lifting rocks for my dad. 10 figures today... Onward...

I spent most of today helping move a bunch of tech tables that were donated to the coworkspace I'm headquartered at, then moving a bunch of huge rocks for my family. I'm gonna feel it in the morning! Onward...

A submission for Daily Art

Monsters! CW arachnid-squid kinda thing, please open to see -

I finally found out what they use to paint animation cels today. I picked up two bottles of Flashe, one white and one Prussian Blue (They didn't have any black Flashe...) - I'm going to see how it looks painted on my Dura-lar sheets. If I can get that animation cel look, I'll be pleased as punch.
Today was another Figure Drawing day at the Lansdowne Art space, so the last 20 figures of my set were done from life rather than from video. Onward!

A submission for Daily Art

Back to digital trying to figure out if I still know how bikes and fashion work

A submission for Daily Art

Weird astronaut dude on dotted paper, fineliner, gray marker, and white acrylic

A submission for Daily Art

Dumb exploration of something mechanical, and some dog-things. Thought I had my gray marker with me, but didn't, so after fineliner I had to use black brushpen+ white acrylic.

Could have framed that better?

A submission for Daily Art

You know when you're trying to buy a potion with your debit card and some weirdo is standing too close

Today I didn't accomplish much artistically, but I did do a lot of business. Onward...

A submission for Daily Art

Ok, starting the streak clubbing now even though I've been drawing for a few days already. Trying to get back into things.

This Molotow Aqua I got today is the first AD-marker-like thing I've ever genuinely enjoyed using. Think I bought one shade too dark for my preference though.

Today I worked on getting some spot blacks on yesterday's illustration. The polyester film I inked this on doesn't agree with my Copic markers, so I'll be doing this inking again on a different medium. I also managed to get my face cam working for working both digitally and traditionally. Onward!

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